Post Spiritual Surgery, Day 4 – John of God December 2011

Wednesday morning, we walked the 5 minute walk from our Pousada to Casa Dom Ignacio, our requests in hand and eager to greet John and which ever Entities were present.  The English speaking orientation the evening before had been only lightly attended and we wondered if the numbers would also be light as the Casa began its week.  They weren’t.  If anything, there were more people from a variety of countries than we’d ever seen before.  We heard many European languages as well as Russian and some I couldn’t recognize.

What was the same, however, is that patience is the key to a happy experience.  With even more people especially.  So we sat.  And we sat.  The energies were high; if I closed my eyes, I felt myself drawn immediately into a trance-like state.  I alternated between meditationg and watching people and listening to the many languages around us.

Casa Dom Ignacio, John of God, Abadiania, Brazil
Volunteers preparing vegetables for the Blessed soup

Inevitably, our line was called.  We passed through the two current rooms and – again (as usual) – I felt the energies like a tingling moving through me in waves.  As well, I felt my liver pulsing.  John of God this time seemed quiet and reflective as he watched me approach.  The previous times I’d stood before the Entity communicating through him, I’d been told to have 3 crystal baths to stabilize my physical energy before undergoing a spiritual surgery.  This time, I was directed straight into the spiritual surgery in the afternoon session.  Progress, I believe.

The afternoon group for spiritual surgery was so large they did two groups – not because the Entities have any kind of limitation in how many they can serve, but only because there was not enough seating.  I felt the “operation” this time both physically and energetically.  Physically in my spine, specifically at T-1 and L-3, like a burning and twitching.  At times, my spine rotated involuntarily.  Energetically, the sensation was like a stream of tiny bubbles flowing through me and popping periodically.  Each time one popped, it released a burst of light.

Ahnalira, diabetes, Spiritual surgery, John of GodAnd then we were done.  I felt floating and soft and somewhat tired; I was eager to find my way back to the Pousada to rest.  Again, a trance-like state that was almost sleep through the night and many vibrant vision/dreams that felt like me coming to know me better.  In all of them, I was relaxed and happy and clear with myself.  At one point, my mind filled with light; I felt as though all the cells of my body became buoyantly alive, lifting and expanding like teensy helium balloons.  It felt very good.

As I came more awake the morning after, I was aware of a tightness – like a very full balloon – in my pancreas/spleen area.  I’d been testing my blood sugar every few hours to stay ahead of the curve, and it was consistently low (62 – 68).  I got to eat lots of fruit, and have been slowing decreasing insulin for the past 48 hours.

Speaking of fruit, mangos and pineapple are ripe now in Abadiania.  In addition, of course, to the regular bounty of papaya and bananas and watermelon.  For all my fruity-friends, December is a good month to come; >)

Tomorrow brings a new day and a new line.  We’ll see what the Entities prescribe for my next set of healing requests.

I love you.  Thank you.


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6 Replies to “Post Spiritual Surgery, Day 4 – John of God December 2011”

  1. For me today its herbs and a 4.5 hour meditation in the current room. Felt like my neck had a baseball in it, and afterward my neck feels much better. Works great for me!

    1. Alan, anyone who can meditate for a 4.5 stretch is a dashing hero in my book. Well done. The Entities do much of their work in the Current Rooms; I am certain you will experience greater ease on many levels for having the willingness to experience a baseball in your neck for a few hours; >)

  2. I had my first ever spiritual surgery at the same time as Ahnalira’s. For me, the surgery was a deep meditative trance, with occasional feelings of warmth in the spots (stomach, knee) where I had asked for healing. I went back to my room and slept til midnight, then spent 4 hours doing emotional processing of some events in my life that, obviously, had not been resolved for me.I felt some sense of resolution in one area at least, and managed to sleep for a couple of hours before the alarm went off, ready for the next day. Most of the next day (up til 3 pm) was in post-op isolation still, then had dinner and “spicy chai” at Frutti’s with Ahnalira and Alan. That night (Thursday) was almost a repeat of the previous night: processing a slightly different set of emotional issues from midnight to 4, then a few hours of sleep. I will be interested to see if I can get a normal night’s sleep tonight! The energies here are so intense, though, that I don’t feel tired.

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