Post Spiritual Surgery 2, day 6 – John of God

To recap:  I got out of sequester for the first spiritual surgery on Thursday evening and went back into visit John of God and the Entity du jour on Friday morning.  The Entity didn’t even wait to hear my requests.  He looked me in the eye and said “Operation.”  I understood it clearly – even in Portuguese.

John of God, spiritual healing, diabetesThe experience this time was VERY physical.  From the moment  I entered the first current room on my way through to the room where spiritual surgeries take place, I felt a pulsing heat/ache in the area of the pancreas/spleen.  Soon after, a tight band across my back in the area – again – of the pancreas and liver.  Then the liver/gall bladder area heated up.  Then back and forther, alternating between the three areas for the duration.  In fact, it didn’t stop after the spiritual surgery ended either.  And hasn’t ceased yet.  It’s been almost 30 hours, and I continue to experience the alternating sensations – back to front, side to side, front to back.  Sometimes a tight, full feeling.  Sometimes almost like a muscle spasm.  Sometimes like heat.

spiritual healing, John of God, Casa Dom Ignacio, diabetesI am moving slower than I have after other spiritual surgeries as well.  It’s like one on top of the other does have an impact 😛  And, interestingly to me, I had no difficulty staying “down” for the second 24 hours hours.  I wondered about that… How can anyone sleep/rest for almost 48 consecutive hours?  Really, it wasn’t hard.  I was in a trance state for most of the time, floating between visions and dreams.  As usual, very powerful.  Time and space doesn’t exist in this state; encounters are vivid and – in some ways – more real than reality (If you can feel what I mean; >)  And the intention of everything is to open and awaken to expanded states of love.  It truly is “all” good.

Today is Saturday, and we will be on break from the Casa ritual until Wednesday.  Good thing – I can use the rest before open myself to possibility of another spiritual surgery.  Which, by the way, I plan to do.  As deep as I can go – that’s where I plan to take it this trip and ride the experience to where ever it takes me.  Like this: Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

I love you.  Thank you.

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4 Replies to “Post Spiritual Surgery 2, day 6 – John of God”

  1. I’m so interested in your reports from Abadiania and pleased that you’re making good progress.

    As a result of discovering your website I’ve started practising Ho’oponopono and I think it is going to make a great difference to my life.

    Thank you. I love you.


    1. Thanks for your comment, Susan. I am delighted to hear you are experiencing benefit from the website 🙂 And much appreciation for your support in my pro Thancess and progress.
      I love you. Thank you.

  2. On day 5 – Friday – Ahnalira and I were sitting in the main meeting room at the Casa, waiting to go ask our questions of John of God and his entities. I was alternating between meditating and watching the people around us – there were a LOT, a few hundred at least. Suddenly I began to feel prickling and tingling on the right side of my scalp. It lasted probably only a minute. It was clear to me that I had a little operation that morning, though! And when I asked my questions, the prescription I got from the entity was to go to the waterfall. I like that!

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