Sacred Waterfall, Day 8 – John of God

We did it!  We made it to the Sacred Waterfall today, and as soon as my feet touched the path down to waters, I felt the energy.  And it was SO welcoming!  It was like coming “home” to the place where all that exists is verdant green love.  If there weren’t a sign at the beginning of the path that asked for silence, I would have burst into song:)

I made my prayer and opened myself to the energies, then fully immersed my body in the strong current.  It felt amazingly good!  I felt tension in the musculature melt away while – at the same time – my own energy lifted to levels of vitality that made me feel exuberant and relaxed at the same time.  I also felt emotions surfacing into my awareness that called for ho’oponopono… and I did.

For the most part, the rest of the day was quiet.  People start to trickle in on Mondays, but it is still a small “party” compared to the numbers Wednesday through Friday.  It’s a relaxed and easy pace AND Frutti’s is open.  Life is good; >)

John of God, Sacred Waterfall, Casa Dom Ignacio, spiritual healingI spent a little time with the owner of the Pousada where we are staying who shared his vision with me of the upgrades he is adding.  It’s very exciting to me to share in his passion for making things better and better for guests.  He has very big plans.  Walt Disney has nothing on Costas.  It made my heart happy listening to him, and I feel blessed to be part of it in my own small way.

Did I mention I love Abadiania and John of God?

Thank you.  I love you.

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  1. This was my first trip to the waterfall. Once we went through the gate (set up so that only one group at a time goes down to the falls) and started the walk down, the sound and smell of the water, and the green plants and trees all around, started a relaxation process that only got better as we got closer. When I stood in the falls the cold water was really invigorating! And afterwards my skin felt so clean. Love it!

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