John of God Vlog – Day 10; Celebration Preparations

Today, for the first time, I felt like I might be right at the edge of the amount of energy I could absorb and integrate.  After the fourth hour long crystal bath and 7th visit to the Sacred Waterfall (in a row), I thought I might be “done”…  but I’m rallying; >) 

John of God, health, Diabetes, psychic healingTomorrow is our final day this trip, and I’m going to take it the distance:  Current room in the morning, crystal bath and Sacred Waterfall in the afternoon.  Long nap afterward:PI have a feeling that – once I get home and actually rest for a few days – I’m going to feel in better health than ever before. 

Alan and I went exploring a pousada that wants to work with me today; that was a fun adventure.  What is more fun than a new adventure?  I’m not sure, but I’m willing to pursue the question further; >)

I learned a new word in Portuguese today: Bonita.  I means beautiful:)

Abrigada.  I love you.

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