Memories – Law of Attraction in Action

law of attraction, visualization, creative power, memoryThink about it.  How much of our lives do we spend in the realm of memories?  Chatting with friends or ruminating privately.  Exploring with therapists the painful memories that stop us in our tracks when they surface or floating gently in recollections of laughter and love.  If we are truly forthright with ourselves, I bet we’d discover the vast majority of thoughts and feelings we have are either about the past or referencing/comparing to the past.

Interestingly, the part of the mind that visualizes and ruminates can’t distinguish between the timeline of past, present, and future.  It’s been proven through study after study.  As far as the mind can tell, all mental imagery and feeling/thinking associated with that imagery happens in present time.  So, if we immerse ourselves in a memory — let all our senses and feelings engage with the memory — as far as the mind is concerned, we are living it.  Right now.  In the law of attraction concept, we “resonate” in vibrational alignment with the memory/visualization, and it becomes our point of attraction, drawing into our experience more of the same.  This is the power of guided visualization.

This is wonderful if we are inclined towards happy memories in general and transformative when we are successful in shifting from a focus on painful memories to memories that evoke feeling good.

Someone asked me recently:  What if I like my happy memories better than I like my current life?  What if I am so engaged with my happy past, I would rather stay in the memory than engage with the world around me in the present?

I reflected on these questions, and it took my mind to a new place.  First, I thought:  What difference would it make?  If the mind doesn’t differentiate between past and present — and the memory evokes feelings of happiness and well-being — why not stay there?  Surely, feeling good is the best outcome and, since we spend so much time swimming through the past anyway, why not relax into a happy past and let it be?

And then I imagined myself doing that.  I imagined how much of my day I spend with my hands in creative projects and realized that would have to go.  Creative projects require a focus that is very different than day-dreaming happy thoughts from the past.  I considered how much fun I have in the passion of creation and how the energy flowing through me while I am creating increases and enhances my sense of vitality and expansion.

I decided I wouldn’t want to forego creativity no matter how happy my memories.  So, the question for me became:  How can I enjoy the feelings of happy memories AND weave those feelings through my creative process?  How can I combine the contented, joy-filled feelings of a memory with the passionate excitement of molding something new?

law of attraction, inspired action, blessingsAnd so, I have this response for my friend: How blessed you are to have been given a memory so sweet it satisfies you completely.  There is no amount of wealth that can buy that.  Enjoy it.  Know, that as you enjoy it, you are vibrating into the world around you the joyful song of that memory.  From this vibration must come back to you songs of harmony to the vibration to your memories.  And, if you let them in, they will touch you in ways that must evoke you to include them into your vibration and evolve into new possibilities.  These possibilties bring the past into the future through the creative impulse that is inherent in all of us.

I promise.  It is only a matter of of time until the inclusion of harmonies from the world around you with the sweet blessing of your memories will evoke a thought that moves you to inspired action.  From there, the adventure begins anew.

Thank you.  I love you.

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5 Replies to “Memories – Law of Attraction in Action”

  1. This really agrees with a Walt Disney concept, Ahnalira. One of his famous quotes is, “Use the past as a springboard, not a hammock.” I am recently working on taking memories that surface that might be unhappy, and finding the space in my thought process to remember what good came from the unhappy time, and take that good with me as I leave the unhappy behind.

    Thank you, and by the way, I love you, too.
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