Love – It’s All Law of Attraction

When I was a kid, I couldn’t understand the meaning of relativity no matter how it was explained. Relatives were people associated by birth. That’s what I understood. And when someone would clarify for me that relativity was all ‘relational’, I’d say, “Right. Relatives are relationship.” My mind couldn’t make its way out of the literal to grasp an abstract that used the same syllables.

Similarly, I get lost in the definition of love. It’s a word with alot of street cred. Many of us will do ALOT for love, but what does that mean? When my parents said they loved me, they meant relationship, love, law of attractionthey cared and it mattered to them what choices I made. As long as I made the right choices, I got their approval. With my parents love and approval went together.

As a teen, love was elusive and all that mattered. There should be someone in the world who would make my Life light up in magical ways. I would know as soon as I met them, and we would fit each other so perfectly, it would be love – obviously. I didn’t know what it felt like, but I knew I needed it to be happy. Love and yearning went together.

And, if love would make me whole then – until I found that ‘someone’ – it was no wonder I felt lonely and was anxious about my ability to succeed. Love must be the same as enlightenment.

So, my understanding of love has been… attempting to piece together a puzzle with no shapes in it to guide me. So, it’s been that I’ve been hard on myself and hard on others in my frustration to understand love. And, what I have come to understand is that it really doesn’t matter much if I know what love means…

I still care deeply for the well-being of most everyone I know.
I still feel joy in the moments of connection with another Being.
I still appreciate who I am and am always becoming.
I still delight in touching and being touched.
I still enjoy sharing good times and giggles.
I still find fulfillment in doing good.
I still feel beautiful when I feel desired.
I still appreciate a helping hand.
I still prefer giving trust.
I still benefit from loyalty.
I still rejoice when our Souls touch.

love, relationship, law of attractionLove. It’s all relative, I guess.
Thank you. I love you.

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