Defining Wealth – Law of Attraction in Action

Full Moon Solstice, awakening, law of attraction, vortex of attraction, money, wealthBack in the days of my Life as a Streetkid, when I had no money and no place to stay, I hitch-hiked. Someone always fed me. Someone always provided shelter. There was no money in my pocket; still I was my own person making my own decisions, and I felt free. Freedom is a type of wealth.

In the more recent past, I’ve been blessed with ample resources to travel and live with horses and enjoy a very comfortable home and relax into a long-standing, stable relationship. All of my childhood wishes come true. Living my happily ever after. Having lots of dreams is a type of wealth.

A while back, we sat at the Grand Canyon and, as I absorbed the immensity of it, I said, “This is big enough to hold my feelings.” It’s true. I’ve always been a person of many feelings, felt deeply. I swim the deeper currents of emotion, and that is a type of wealth, too.

There are different points in my Life where one or the other of these types of resource is more or less important to me. Times when having my feelings respected and cared for seems like the most priceless treasure I can give or receive. Times when knowing I can and will do what I choose is the most important of all components in my day-to-day. 

In the center of all these varieties of wealth is my mind and it’s ability to create. To write a note that makes sense to myself and others. To design an image and weave it into an art form. To organize a plan and execute it into manifest form. To envision an outcome and listen for the inspiration that guides action to fruition. This is the wealth, infinite in Source and scope, that gives wealth, law of attraction, creativitymeaning to the concept.

From the Mind – unlimited possibilities offer endless opportunities to reflect, to learn, to engage, to innovate, to inspire, to evolve, and expand. This for me is the definition of wealth, and I deeply appreciate how wealthy I Am.
I love you. Thank you.

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