If It’s Mine, It Comes to Me – Law of Attraction in Action

I was chatting with a friend recently about something he would like to experience.  I asked him if he had taken any steps to make it happen, and he replied, “If it is mine, it will come to me.”

law of attraction, field of awarenessAs he spoke, I watched his demeanor; and I felt the relaxed position of his mind and body.  I saw the ease in him as he acknowledged both the desire and the willingness to trust in a greater orchestration.  I was touched by Grace in his simple declaration.

How often have I identified a desire and then followed it immediately with a plan of action to bring it fruition?  How often have I made goals and lists to accomplish those goals in the name of ‘making it happen’?  How often have I measured my worth based on what I’ve gotten done and how close I am to fulfilling a desire?  More often than not.

But if it’s mine, it will come to me.  Does it mean that all the lists and actions I took throughout my Life to make things happen were unecessary?  Could it be, even, that all those actions impeded the fruition of  my desires?  Is it possible to over-tend a plant to the point where it doesn’t produce fruit?

If it’s mine, it will come to me.  I dove beneath these questions and rested in the statement to see how it felt.  “If it’s mine” said to me, “If it is a match to your vibration; if it resonates with the essence of who you are, it has to manifest into your experience.  There is no action or effort beyond vibrational alignment that will bring anything to you or move anything away from you.”  In the stillness of Being, I felt a shift in the axis of my understanding of the law of attraction.  It felt good.

My friend, without action on my part, was a match to my vibrational alignment with the desire for clarity and evolving into All I AM.  Without any effort on either of our parts, he gave me the gift of a phrase that shifted my consciousness:  If it’s mine, it will come to me.  And it did.

This is my practice now – Alignment.  Alignment with Well-being and Abiding Grace.  All I Am, awakening, law of attraction, ho'oponoponoAlignment in the power of All Is Well.  Alignment in trust that any desire I hold is already mine just by the happiness I feel when I imagine it.  And so it comes.

How about you?  What has the Loving Universe gifted you lately?

Thank you.  I love you.

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6 Replies to “If It’s Mine, It Comes to Me – Law of Attraction in Action”

  1. Hi Ahna, this phrase feels so good to me too! Such a relief that striving is not part of the equation to the point that if something is meant to be it will be! I needed to hear this moment of peace in my very hectic life right now! Thanks tons love! Alex

  2. Satisfied with where you are, and eagerly awaiting what’s next – not my words, but so simple:) May we all find ourselves right there! Love and kisses, your friend XO

  3. This phrase “if it’s mine, it will come to me” strikes me as a perfect mantra…. wonderful to repeat a few times a day, especially after reading your description of the deeper meaning beneath these simple words. Thanks!

    1. My pleasure, Marion. To share the insights that enhance my sense of well-being is alot like giving myself the gift all over again. See how that is?

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