A Satisfied Mind – In the Flow of Law of Attraction

It’s all happening at the zoo. That’s what Simon and Garfunkel sang. Those were the words anyway. It seems to me, though, that where it’s all happening is in the mind.

Lately, I’ve pondered the qualities of a Satisfied Mind – how does it think differently than a mind that is dissatisfied? I came to this conclusion: A dissatisfied mind struggles. A satsified mind flows.

A Satisfied Mind sharing the same experience with a dissatisfied mind will find more humor and reason to enjoy whatever the circumstance is. A dissatisfied mind will find reasons to want the experience to be different.

At first glance, it may seem that a Satisfied Mind is always preferable to a dissatisfied mind.. that it is always better to relax and let whatever is happening be as much fun as possible. I always thought so..

But, then, my mind turned inward on me and reflected back to me the inherent judgement I place on myself for sometimes wanting an experience to be different. It was an epiphany, of sorts, to realize there is a type of perfection in being satisfied in the process of clarifying unsatisfactory experiences.

“But isn’t struggle bad,” I asked myself, “Shouldn’t I be relaxing into the flow and trusting the current to guide me true?” For some, the answer to this question may truly be a simple, “Yes.” For me, though, not so…

For me, there is passion and Life in the effort it takes to mold an uncomfortable experience into something I enjoy and fulfillment in the process of realizing a goal. For me, a Satisfied Mind is a mind that creates and stretches to new understandings. A Satisfied Mind is a mind flexible and expansive enough to hold dissatisfaction and struggle within it while still finding ways to laugh and enjoy in the midst of it all. For me, a Satisfied Mind awakens each morning hungry for the day, eager for both the challenges and rewards, ready for whatever comes because whatever comes is grist for the mill of a Satisfied Mind.

law of aatraction, vibrational alignment, vortex of attractionSo, I will get up tomorrow and test my bloodsugar and take insulin and appreciate the technology that brings me insulin while letting my body know I believe in Her ability to start up insulin production whenever She is ready. I will spend the first minutes of my morning, consciously invigorating the muscles and nerves of my legs, calling blood and mobility back into motion. I will walk to the barn, appreciating that I can walk and live my Life with horses while – at the same time – envisioning the possibility and hoping for the day when nerves through my spinal cord fire strong and consistently again. I will laugh and work and plan with Alan, and sometimes we will fight when we care strongly for different things, and I will appreciate the passion and success we bring into each other’s lives while I aspire to understand better and be more fully All I Am in our relationship.

And whenever I feel less than perfect or critical of who I am, I’ll remember the moment I realized a Satisfied Mind is ok with imperfection and welcomes the opportunities it brings. And I will appreciate the struggle.  It’s the Law of Attraction helping me clarify and refine.
I love you. Thank you

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2 Replies to “A Satisfied Mind – In the Flow of Law of Attraction”

  1. “satisfied in the process of clarifying unsatisfactory experiences.”

    Bingo! The unsatisfactory experience is your window of opportunity to get clearer about what is satisfactory.

    I’m loving your thoughts!

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