Visceral Faith – A New Awakening

John of God, healing, spirtual surgery, healingWhen I went, recently, to Casa Dom Inacio to open myself deeper and wider to currents of awakening.  I asked, in my first audience with Medium Joao, for a blending of my personality with my soul. (see: Day 3 Is A Spiritual Surgery Day)  While I wasn’t sure what that would mean or look like in day-to-day living…  I mean, how would I “know” what to expect?… it just felt right to request it at this point in my evolution.

Now — in hindsight — it is clear to me just how the request was answered.  Let me describe it as one of the stories of my life…

When we left for Brazil, we had two mortgage contracts in play — one as a seller and one as a buyer.  Since we hadn’t heard anything for a couple of weeks from either lender, I assumed everything was handled and processing smoothly.  I felt, in other words: confident.  And I was planning and organizing details and envisioning where pictures and furniture would go in my usual fast-paced style.

Then, a week into our John of God experience, we heard from our realtor that the appraisal for our property in Florida came in low… $43,000.00 low to be exact… and he didn’t think it was possible to make the deal work with that much difference between the sale price and the amount the lender would finance based on the appraisal.

It was a very clarifying moment.

Either the confidence I’d felt had been delusional or it had come from a certainty based on a “knowing” beyond circumstances and events.  Indeed, if one thing was absolutely apparent to us, circumstances and events are — by definition — always changing and, therefore, uncertain.  (see: Surrender Into Awakening – Change is the Catalyst)

For a moment (well, ok, a few days :P), I fell into that uncertainty and swam in anxiety.  It wasn’t that I was worried about the outcome — I knew we’d be happy whether we moved or not.  It was more that I just wanted to know what was going to happen.  I was anxious about uncertainty.  And, in this realization, came two understandings:

  • If the anxiety is fundamentally associated to uncertainty, then the awareness that uncertainty, as part of Life, is always a factor makes anxiety irrelevant.  In other words, one can’t alter uncertainty by feeling anxious.  (See how that is?)
  • If I could access the feeling of confidence independent of the circumstance (as I had in “blissful ignorance” previous to the email from the realtor), my experience of events would be radically altered by the absence of anxiety.

Do you sense the foreshadowing of a blending between personality and soul happening here?

I searched within myself for the place of “certainty” beyond events and circumstance.  I found it in my Life intentions and what I value.  I value keeping agreements.  I value being part of a solution.  I value serving the Will to Good in my choices.  In these values, I AM confident.

John of God, spiritual healing, AbadianiaWe proceeded from this awareness in our negotiations, and — while it didn’t fully erase the nervousness immediately — it gave us a solid touchstone to guide us through anxious thoughts and back towards our cornerstones of certainty.  With practice, it became easier to identify the visceral body feelings of certainty like a calm and stable presence.  With practice, it became easier to identify the trigger thoughts of anxiety and replace them with thoughts that serve the calm and stable Will to Good.

At a certain point, it dawned on me:  This is really and truly what Faith is.  When the personality blends with the Soul, the result is visceral faith that allows us to abide in a state of certainty that nourishes the body in a relaxed and pervasive calm.

spiritual consciousness, soul, awakeningUltimately, this was the result I requested — an awakening of awareness into the blended state of personality and soul.  Whether or not the sale of property went through was as irrelevant to this result as anxiety is to living Life.  It only mattered that I find my cornerstones of certainty — what I value from the perspective of my soul — and stay aligned with these intentions.

And, perhaps, it comes as no surprise that we were able to negotiate a winning resolution for everyone involved with the property sales.  And that feels very good, too 😀

Thank you.  I love you.

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8 Replies to “Visceral Faith – A New Awakening”

  1. It would appear, judging my my recent experiences, that I must have asked for this as well… although I don’t recall the asking part! Nothing like being tossed into the fire so you can learn to swim. Great article!

  2. Finding the cornerstones of certainty… I love this. Then one can react to any unexpected events with “kindness, clarity and insight” (quoting the Dalai Lama) rather than debilitating anxiety.

  3. Your responses to the ripple in the real estate deal are good examples of relaxing into uncertainty. Our universe is vast and while our thoughts and beliefs are as real as anything else that exists, there is a lot more of “anything else” than our beliefs and thoughts. Events can surprise us in infinite ways. Embracing these surprises with love and moving towards the highest good we can see is a path we can all practice, and practice, and practice……….

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