Coutd It Be The Solar Flares? – Awakening

solar flare, awakeningSomething is happening within my Being.  Soft and subtle – almost imperceptible – like the unfurling of a bud into a new Spring leaf.  Something is unfurling within me.

Like a whispering breeze, I didn’t notice at first, the shifts happening in my perceptions.  My day, filled with projects and items to check off the list, proceeded as usual.  I almost missed it.  Until I chanced to rest from the activity for a moment and feel… the gentle caress of a softening within.  An easing of mind chatter and an absence of the “push” to achieve.  An abiding sense of Grace.

I didn’t realize how long the voice to accomplish had traveled with me through Life.  From my earliest memories, the compulsion to “do well” engaged my perspective as both a motivator and a source of anxiety… until this moment when I felt within and found, instead, only appreciation.  Appreciation for consciousness coursing through me and the opportunity to sense the connections between individual “me” and the Life all around me.  Appreciation for the capacity to share love through the awareness of these connections.  Like a gentle rainfall on a sunny day, I absorbed the nourishing love extended through the life around me into me and understood this is the feeling of fulfillment and satisfaction I thought my activities towards achievement would bring.

And I wondered: what changed?  Was it the massive solar flare coming from our star, the sun, that ignited an awakening within me?  Was it the evolving experience of my path with the entities from Casa dom Ignacio and Medium Joao (aka John of God)?  Did the love between two Beings in another part of the world reach through the cosmos and touch me?

I may never know which of the above – or all of the above – catalyzed for me a shift so imperceptible, and yet so dramatic, that I am newborn into a new paradigm.  A new paradigm.  A state of being that evolves and reconfigures my intentions and my choices.  I am the new bud, unfurling into a leaf that becomes a vital, growing organism – awakening in the stream of connectedness that is Life.

I Am the solar flare, igniting.  I Am the love shared.  I Am the entity whose mission is to support awakening consciousness.  I more than I know, ever expanding to know more.

Blessed be moments with each of us – and all of us – as we unfurl together in this vibrant Being.

I love you.  Thank you.


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4 Replies to “Coutd It Be The Solar Flares? – Awakening”

  1. I am so giggling because for the last few days, on my walk among my guardian trees I have felt higher than I ever felt before in my life. Singing along, dancing along instead of simply walking, almost flying with the bubble of the buzz. Tears flow and arms punch the air in appreciation of my life, the beauty around me that is miraculous and my ability to experience it. Yep, things are shifting and in an amazingly good way! Big hugs sis!

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