The Art of Fulfillment – A Principle of Awakening

dreams and wishes, awakeningA dream is a wish your heart makes.


Everyone I know has dreams and wishes their dreams would be fulfilled.  No exceptions in my experience.  Even followers of Buddha and other spiritual teachings that propose detachment is the definition of enlightenment have dreams – they wish for detachment from desire.  Desire is the driving force of Life.  The very breath all life takes is fueled by the desire to live.

I have a dream!

Martin Luther King

That’s as “meta” as it gets — almost. Let’s take it one step further:  What if all of us have a core dream — a desire so deeply embedded in the essence of who we are that it accompanies us from the nonphysical realm through birth and into physical reality?  What if the purpose of this life-long desire has a purpose — the purpose of awakening us from the dream that the physical world is all there is?

Now, that’s a twist – a dream to awaken us from the dream.

My dream, from as far back as I can recall, revolves around emotional harmony and sense of community imbued with magical connections.  I remember laying in my bed as a small child of three, knowing I had a “family” somewhere that could communicate with me telepathically and help me make sense of Life’s mysteries.  I wasn’t sure how I got lost from them, but I “knew” they were my real family, (I wasn’t altogether certain who those people sleeping in the next room were) and I wanted more than anything to find the family I’d lost again.  I wished for it so strongly, I asked my mother to put me up for adoption, believing by such an action I would be able to reunite with my true family and claim fulfillment.

By the time I was a teenager, the clarity of this desire was less consciously potent, covered by layers of life experience.  Still, in hindsight, it was the driving force that impelled me to run away from home to search for sanity when I was sixteen.  And the two years I spent living amidst the ‘street culture’ were further proof that my dream compelled me far beyond the norm to find the fulfillment of my desire.

I was a sculptor, chipping and shaving and molding and massaging my life.  Believing the final masterpiece would be fulfillment.  A sense of accomplishment.  The feeling of mastery and success.  All of these qualities I sought in what seemed an endless reaching toward the realization of a wish my heart made before I even knew what dreaming was.

Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.

Carl Jung

Now I know.  I know that the call toward fulfillment — the art, if you will — is the art of awakening.  It is the awakening process that impels us to shed layers, to let go and reach into the unknown, to shape and reshape ourselves into deeper and broader refinement until we are fully resonant (see Vibrating the Vibration into the Awakening Avatar) with the dream our desire impels us to attain.  And when we take this inner path — when we reach inward to sculpt rather than reaching outward to grasp — then it is inevitable that we awaken and become the fulfillment of the dream.  Whatever it is.

Consider for a moment what that core dream is for you.  Consider the theme of your wishes throughout your life.  What do reach for continually, wanting and wishing to attain?  Now, imagine this core dream is the voice of your soul, calling you to awaken.  Calling you to awaken from the dream that what you desire is “out there somewhere” in the tangible world.  Imagine the possibility that fulfillment isn’t about having resources — it’s about being resourceful.

The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up.

Paul Valery

Awakening is the art of fulfillment.  Awakening is the understanding that we — each of us in the creative process of our own becoming — are the masterpieces of fulfillment.  In the becoming of All I Am, I am a member of my magical family, and we are in  telepathic communion.  Now.  It’s that simple… and that paradoxical — just like dreams are.awakening, meditation, light

I wish for you the fulfillment of all your wishes.  I wish for you the creative impulse to make your life art and your living a creation that inspires you to great fulfillment of your core dream.  I wish for you the satisfaction of awakening into resonance with All We Are.

Thank you.  I love you.

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