Loving Our Bodies–The Lessons of Healing

loving our bodies, healing, leadership, creative process, awakeningMy new theme for all the writing here is: Come live in the rainbow with me, friends, and become the full spectrum light you are.  And, as usual, it’s through my personal journey of becoming that I gather these words to share.

To catch everyone up:

I traveled to Casa de Dom Inacio seven times over the course of four years. When I made my prayer requests for the healing of physical conditions (type 1 diabetes, spinal injuries, and hepatitis C) before every spiritual intervention, I didn’t fully understand that what I would receive from the entities there would be emotional and spiritual healings (see: Reflections from John of God) rather than the immediate release from physical imbalances.  OK…so that’s not exactly true–hepatitis C went into remission after the second visit, and my insulin requirements went down by half over the course of all the visits.  It was, however, during the next to last visit to the Casa, when the entity, Dr. Augusto, told me to get lab work done (see: Final Day of Trip 6) that I began my journey of healing the physical body.

John of God, spiritual healing, diabetesIn February of 2014 (almost exactly four years from my first trip to Brazil,) I dove into the American medical system and discovered that my thyroid had been destroyed by another autoimmune condition, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, and my adrenals–having carried the brunt of metabolic activity–were barely limping along.  In other words, for all the amazing and powerful experiences of emotional and spiritual healing I had at Casa de Dom Inacio, if I was going to heal physically it would require more of me than meditation and prayer.

Diving into the American medical system–what did that mean for me?  Frankly, it felt like taking on the Patriarchy–like David with a sling shot, if you will–a lot of the time.  I found the healthiest way for me to look at it was to see myself as providing a service–educating doctors to listen and appreciate their clients (That’s right–I’m not really anybody’s patient 😛 ) who were pro-active in researching to learn more about their bodies and their health.  Who were intent and committed to loving our bodies back to health.

I researched.  I researched some more, and I went through more than a handful of doctors in the process in order to find a doctor who would consider my input.  In following articles, I will go more deeply and specifically into the solutions I found and am using.  For now, these highlights will give you a sense of the topics I will cover:

  • All healing of physical conditions is spiritual at its root.  Our bodies are Sanctuaries for the Divine.  Through spiritual healing, we align our mental and emotional aspects to open to the current of health and vitality throughout the body.  Loving our bodies is the way to learn what actions will heal our bodies.
  • Autoimmune conditions are about feeling safe spiritually, mentally, and emotionally.  Physically, they all track back to intestinal permeability and dysbiosis (microbe imbalance.)  Heal the gut, and autoimmune conditions are brought into remission.  I will be writing a lot on how to do this ; >)
  • Natural Desiccated Thyroid–if you must take thyroid medication–is always the best way to go.  If you are on a synthetic thyroid medication like synthroid or its generic brand, do your research.  No matter what your doctor tells you, you would do better on NDT.
  • Doctors are busy people with many things on their minds in addition to your health.  Be your best advocate.  Learn what options you have and take the time to research the relative effectiveness of each option.
  • Pharmaceutical drugs all have poisonous side effects. Always check WEBMD.com for the list of side effects to make sure they aren’t contra-indicated for you.  (Remember, your doctor is a busy person with a lot on his or her mind.) Their use for chronic conditions is exactly the opposite of loving our bodies.  Use food and exercise and natural remedies whenever possible.

awakeing, avatar, spiritual consciousness, soul, awakeningSpiritual health begins with loving our bodies–taking care of our bodies as a sanctuary in which the divine dwells.   Are you ready for this adventure of loving our bodies into wholeness and well being?  Are you ready to be the rainbow, full spectrum All You Are?  If so, then get ready –we are going to have some fun!

Thank you.  I love you.



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  1. I look forward to more detailed articles! Even this summary has LOTS of important information for taking care of our bodies.

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