Waving From The Wilderness

spiritual healing, medical intuitiveHere I am!  Been out in the wilderness finding my way back to Life for five months now.  Many indigenous cultures send their people out into the wild to survive or die as a spiritual practice.  The win, if they survive, is often a shift into a more expanded consciousness.  My tribe–composed of many multi-dimensional and elemental forms of life like dragons and faeries–follows the same practice, apparently…

The path into this wilderness quest was determined twenty five years ago in Egypt when I chose to drink the “local” water offered to me by our taxi driver.  Water infected with a parasite called schistosoma mansoni.  One might say, indeed, I actually walked out into the quest that day… and just didn’t recognize the path I chose until twenty five years later 😛

And the point of this article isn’t to provide a blow by blow of the medical emergencies I survived or the painful process of discovery in the harsh truths that were my process into integration.  Everyone one of us knows pain.  Everyone of us knows fear.  No need to dwell deeply there.  My intention in waving is to invite you into the fresh, clean air of the wild…  join me because there is a wilderness quest awaiting all of us in our energetic worlds these days.

It is a quest into the mysteries of how our minds and bodies engage with each other to teach us how to hear and listen to our Soul’s voice over all else.  It is a quest that exposes deluded thinking, flawed logics, emotional residue from unresolved pasts as well hidden feelings of shame and pain disrupting our relationships and health.  It is a quest that both confronts the personality’s ego and nurtures the tiny, shining Being within until that small flame shines like a huge bonfire.

Truly, I believe it’s as simple as making the choice to:

  • Question every medication you take.  Does it support healing or the masking of symptoms?  Masking symptoms is the best way to avoid this quest because the symptoms are guides into the energetic world where thoughts and feelings interact to send you messages–through the symptoms.
  • What symptoms are chronic?  They are your invitation into this “work.”
  • Accept only a diagnosis that delves into root causes.  It’s the root cause that speaks the metaphor your Soul wants you to understand.

awakeningWith these three foundational choices, the wilderness and its quest opens the way for you to reconnect with your Soul, heal the core issues (from which the symptoms spring forth,) and practice listening to the quiet within for answers.  All correct action comes from making sure any action resonates with that inner knowing. Congruence is integrity, and integrity supports the Soul’s voice to strengthen.  Practice makes the voice louder, and practice makes it easier to discern resonance.  This is what I learned from the wilderness.

I’m not saying it’s easy.  I have a feeling the being ill at ease and uncertain is part of the point of a wilderness quest, right?  I journeyed on faith for the first few months, doing my best to stay transparent to the pressures coming from family and doctors–staying true to the above principles against all odds.  Some days maybe not with faith, but dogged determination.  Other days, I didn’t know if I’d make it…  I just knew that I would keep putting one foot in front of the other until I found my way back to Life or died.  Nothing easy about faith  without supporting evidence.

And then the day came where I knew the liver was filtering blood again.  I had succeeded in averting emergency surgery.  By listening and following the guidance I heard in the wild’s voice, I had found my way to the path leading back to Life.  I faced hard truths, found lost parts of myself, expanded, integrated, and evolved.  I came full circle as Laughing Medicine Woman, integrating the knowing that I am truly a Medical and Emotional Intuitive…  claimed in the wilderness and by the wilderness.  A Wilderness Guide, if you will.  The trail I forge is a long one with many the twist and bend that hides future steps from sight…I have a long way still, but now I know–I go wild and free.  I am Wild.  I am Free.

And I am waving to you… it’s great out here in the wild!


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3 Replies to “Waving From The Wilderness”

  1. Dear Ahnalira, wonderful news about your recovery.I have followed your times in Brazil with John of God, but gather that you didn’t get your healing there. Then your interesting experience with the Abraham group.
    I was always confused by their philosophy …that you attract everything into your life. That’s really heavy!
    You seem to have found the answers you’ve been seeking. Now what?
    Looking forward to hearing about the next leg of your vision quest.

    1. Thank you, Mamie, for your kind words.

      I do believe that the entities from Abadiania are with me and, in hindsight, I see how my last journey to the Casa in July, 2017, catalyzed everything that is happening now. I am understanding with much more depth what “doing the work” means 😛

      It has been a long and winding journey, hasn’t it? I still contemplate the “Abraham teachings” and the years I spent with that organization. I definitely learned alot… just not so much what they were actively teaching–more, I learned how to recognize clearly the difference between pretense and authenticity.

      What’s next… such a fun thought to ponder! I wrote this poem yesterday:
      The outer shell–the hardest point–gave way,
      And now I rest…
      In the promise of roots and leaves and blossoms.

      So, we shall see. I imagine it will continue to include medical intuitive consultations and helping people understand how to use medical cannabis effectively. I imagine it will include sharing and caring. I imagine it will include a whole lot of laughter 😀 The anticipation! And, I rest and continue to heal and evolve as it takes form.
      Best to you,

  2. The practice of this Hawaiian prayer made the mainstream spiritual groups through the work of Mornah Simeona. After her death in 1992, her assistant, Dr. Hew Len and Joe Vitale, co-authored a book called Zero Limits..

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