Still Alive and Kicking — Awake in the Awakening

ho'oponopono, law of attraction, vortex of creation, diabetesMy body is alive sixty one years today…well, most of it is.  A few weeks ago, I discovered–through the serendipity of following the guidance I received while in Abadiania, Brazil with John of God to get a full spectrum of lab tests when I got home (see: Final Day of Trip Six)–that my thyroid was dead.  That’s right.  Post-mortem.  Apparently, ever since the emergency surgery to repair the shattered vertebra in a horse riding accident in May, 2012, (see: Abadiania, Here I Come ) my body has done the best She could to function without a thyroid and the hormones it produces.  Masked by the variables of recovery from a shattered vertebra, four fractured ribs, and two ruptured discs…the symptoms went un-noticed.  Until I got the lab results and all of the dots came together in a crystal clear awareness that my body–without the support of a thyroid for almost two years–was starting to fail.

Why didn’t the entity just heal my thyroid?  That’s the natural question to ask, right?  It’s certainly the question I asked myself as I wondered, “Why make a direct connection with me to tell me to get to a doctor rather than just bring the thyroid back to life?”  I don’t know the answer.  I am called, once again, to trust the Will to Good to know–better than me–that reasoning.

Could it have to do with the path I chose to take in negotiating my way through health care system to get the type of replacement therapy treatment I intuitively knew was best for me?  Was it a matter of willingness to stand up for myself–when I could literally barely stand–in a system that gives little to no value to intuition or my ability to understand my own body?

Was it so that I could learn when and where my stubbornly strong will serves me well and where it doesn’t?  It did keep me alive and kicking.  It did get me on the treatment protocol I wanted for my body… it also made me push myself to exercise and keep moving even when my body was crying out for me to stop…please.

Perhaps, it was for me to learn the lesson that strength can be found in vulnerability.  And power in surrender.

And, maybe, it is the opportunity for rebirth into new frequencies–broken bones, failing organs… regenerating tissues coming forth into a new paradigm beyond my personality’s ability to grasp just yet.

These answers will probably come clear to me in hindsight.

awakening, meditation, lightPart of my body–part of the me that is All I Am–didn’t make it alive through that surgery.  Part of me died.  The rest of my body came very close to that veil in these past few weeks while I stubbornly refused the allopathic treatment and while I educated the doctors around me until I found one who would listen and respond with an open mind to my heart…barely beating.  And, yet, here I am.  It is a long path I walk, step by step in the unfolding mystery of why and what is happening in this sixty first year since my birth.  I step forth into the unknown, each step trusting the ground to appear and meet my foot.

For now, it is a moment to celebrate that I am alive and kicking, coming more and more awake in the awakening.  Happy Birthday to me!

Thank you.  I love you.

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12 Replies to “Still Alive and Kicking — Awake in the Awakening”

  1. I so appreciate your strong will – your will to live on your terms, and the inner strength you found to keep going while you educated, what, 3 docs and one NP, on what is the best path when the thyroid fails. And I appreciate the strength that keeps you writing, communicating what you feel, what you think; so that we who read it have an opportunity to learn and grow from your experience.

  2. Yes, it is the mystery we call life. Hopefully you will find the best treatment for your thyroid. I have heard it’s not something to mess with. It’s been a long journey and perhaps more to come. I turned 61 last August and that’s a eye opener in it’self. Hugs and Healing

    1. Arm in arm, eh, Jacki…making our way to medicare 😉

      I am learning first hand how important that small “buttefly gland” on our throat is! I don’t think I could have come much closer to the brink of the veil, and I am still dancing the fine line as work out the best treatment.

      Thanks so much for your support 😀

  3. I am just getting caught up on my blogs so this was such a surprise to read. Sending huge hugs your way and much admiration for your strength! 🙂

  4. Ahnalira, you haven’t written anything further about your thyroid condition.
    This is of much interest to me, as my spouse too has an almost non-existent thyroid.
    We’ve gone the usual round of doctors, the synthroid drugs have not been of much help. Now I read that a lack of Iodine may be the missing link. There is also a natural product available in Canada, and we’re going to pursue that.
    If all else fails, we’ll be going to Brazil. I enjoy your talented writing.

    1. Hi Philomena,
      It’s been 5 months since I started taking natural desiccated thyroid, and the results are no less than remarkable. Without changing how much I eat, I’ve lost 28 lbs. My thyroid is no longer swollen–I can swallow and breathe easily. I feel alert and full of vim and vigor.

      I made some dietary changes to enhance the NDT–gluten free, no raw cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, etc) and no non organic tofu…I stay away from all other forms of soy.

      I take selenium and iodine supplements as well as a herbal blends to support my adrenals and a small amount of DHEA for my adrenals each day as well. Most people who have hypothyroidism have adrenal fatigue as well.

      I am going back to Abadiania in October 😀 I understand now why the entities sent me through the medical system rather than just healing the condition–they were giving me the opportunity and the gift to love and appreciate more than the “just healing me” would have done. All of the pieces come together and create a whole new level of wholeness for me.

      I hope this is helpful. If you like me on Facebook–Ahnalira Koan–I share articles that look interesting to me there, too 😀
      Blessings to you and your husband,
      ahnalira recently posted..She Wore a Cloak–Awakening

  5. Thanks for this information Ahralira, it’s just what I was looking for!
    We are unable to obtain the natural thyroid in this South American country,
    so our only option is to travel to Canada for the Armour product.
    I’ll buy the supplements that you are using to good effect, when we are in Canada. The quality here is not the best.
    Good to hear that you are doing so well on this regime, and that the weight loss has been quite effortless.

    I’ll print this out, and take it with us. Gracias. “Philomena”

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