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10 spiritual surgeries in two years–an exploration into the John of God experience

It’s been a year since our last pilgrimage to Abadiania, Brazil, to visit Medium Joao and the entities…and a very full year at that!  We moved across the United States, from central Florida to an island just off the Washington State coast.  My second book, Consumed by the Dragon–Recipes for Transformation, was published.  My beloved four-legged friend and companion through many lifetimes, Baby, passed through veil between life and death.

All of these events are part and parcel of Life.  Many would say they are, in metaphoric terms, the grist that keeps the mill of Life turning.  For me, though, they are significant outcomes for the personal transformation set in motion by my experiences in Abadiania with John of God.  For me, each of these events tracks back to a specific request made to the entities during our visits. 

For example, Baby’s passage encourages me to understand more deeply the connection that transcends the boundaries of physical form.  When Baby walked the earth beside me he used to take his huge body and just wrap it around me in full body Baby hugs. The day we helped Baby go 1380004_10201952090899523_1018010438_nto rest, we came home to let the horses into the backyard (Which they love and wait eagerly by the gate for every morning.)  Fancy didn’t go through the gate that morning.  Instead, she came over to me and wrapped her (even huger body) around me in a Baby hug.  He’s always close, he teaches me, and all of the other four-leggeds help him communicate to me in ways that I can hear.  Now, I feel him wrapped around me like a blanket of love.

We moved to Washington State right after our fifth trip to Abadiania–a culmination, if you will, of a two year process that freed us of many attachments that held us “bound” and opened the way for a cross country “shift” to occur.  It was a mighty adventure, requiring both physical and spiritual stamina as we let go and leapt in faith to a new personal universe of reality.  The entities were the net of love and light that gave us the courage to grow wings in mid-air.  And, in the coming “home” to our new home, we realized an integration of the many blessings bestowed by Casa de Dom Inacio: continued healing of physical conditions, enhanced esteem, vibrant connections with the life and land around us, a restored sense of excitement in the adventure of each day through simple activities like chopping wood and cooking meals…the list of blessings we count daily goes on and on.

311557_2248058974451_1637496645_2287437_1542026800_nSo, here we are.  One month away from an immersion into the energies of transformation that is Abadiania and John of God for us.  There is no way to know exactly what impact of this trip will have in our lives–while we are there and upon our return–except the knowledge that it will be a deeper opening into love.  And I am excited and eager to discover how that will unfold!  As usual,  I will share the adventure through articles here, and I am happy to bring prayers for anyone who reaches out me with a request.  If I know one true fact it is that we are connected–all of us–through this journey called Life and our evolution through it.

Thank you.  I love you.

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  1. Hi!
    Thank you for sharing this! We are planning a trip next month, too! what are your dates? We haven’t finalized yet.

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