Ahnalira’s Detox Protocol

terpenes, medical cannabis, John of God, meditation, psychic surgery, spine injury, diabetes, ho'oponoponoHow do you know that a detox protocol is a good idea for you? When you have a health goal that seems stalled regardless of your effort, chances are the biochemistry of your body is compromised by environmental toxins, heavy metals, and/or pathogens.  If you have a chronic health condition that compromises your vitality, it’s likely your body needs help detoxifying the debris from daily metabolism.  If, like me with autoimmune hepatitis and autoimmune encephalitis, you find yourself in the midst of a health crisis…detoxification may be your lifejacket back to shore.

For me, the process of discovery led me through at least 50 hours of medical lectures and conferences to develop an understanding of how I could detoxify my severely compromised body safely.  This is what I learned…and am learning ; >)

Because the state of my health/liver is so delicate right now, this is a protocol that I “pulse.” The pulsing is very individualized to how I feel when I wake up in the morning, so there will be days where I rest and recover.  I recommend that, no matter how delicate or strong, a morning check in with the body is always helpful.

The key to detoxification is to move toxic materials out of the body alive to minimize toxic load (When they die, they put even more toxins into the blood ) and have binders in the blood ready to absorb the moved toxic materials out of the body to lessen toxic impact.

medical cannabis, detoxification, healingMy “movers” are:
TUDCA–FDA approved for use in hospitals with people in liver failure. TUDCA is a natural occurring bile salt that stimulates the movement of backed up bile out of the body, cleans toxins out of the bile, and opens the bile duct pathway. The liver, by physiology, pushes toxins out of itself along with the bile. After taking TUDCA for 5 days, I was able to eat a bowl of soup after over 2 months of not being able to eat solid foods.

Green Vegetable fresh juice–all the “bitters” in those greens stimulates movement in the liver.

Manjistha–an ayurvedic herb (Red Root) that stimulates lymphatic drainage.

Hot Lemon Water–supports Manjistha

Ionized Red Clay–remineralization and ionic charge stimulate movement of heavy metals

Mimosa Pudica–in life, a beautiful flowering tree… as medicine, one of the best all-round parasite “movers.”

Ionic Foot Bath–I haven’t used it yet–waiting for delivery. Dr Dietrich Klinghardt highly recommends this treatment for removing heavy metals from brain and liver.

My “catchers” are:
Blue Green Algae–the chlorella
Ionized red clay
Brazilian Green Propolis–less of a catcher and more of a neural protectant from toxicity.

I make sure to keep some catchers in the body all the time by adding to whatever I am drinking.

I recommend starting with TUDCA… getting the bile to flow is an important step in relieving the congestion pressure. As the liver clears, blood flowing from the heart more easily enters the liver for filtering and this helps the lymph from the brain to drain more easily, reducing headaches.

Medical cannabis tincture supports the detoxification as an anti-inflammatory, by supporting homeostasis in the body, and by relieving the discomfort and pain.  CBD also protects the central nervous system from toxic corrosion.

Here are a few additional facts to keep in mind:

  • Viruses travel by hitching a ride in heavy metals–that’s how they get into the central nervous system. So, when you detox heavy metals, you get the additional benefit of reducing viral load. Parasites collect heavy metals and put them into their outside membranes for camouflage. Detox heavy metals and get the additional benefit of reducing parasite load.
  • The central nervous system functions in two states: sympathetic–fight or flight, agitated, aggressive, anxious, etc–and parasympathetic–relaxed, sated, meditative, asleep, etc…. detox only happens when the CNS is in parasympathetic function.

medical cannabis, detoxificationThe conversation regarding environmental toxins and electromagnetic fields and their impact on the body’s biochemistry is worthy of another article…  so stay tuned ; >)

In the meantime, what are your favorite detox strategies?  Let’s compare notes 😀

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