Three Spiritual Surgeries, day 10 – John of God

That was early Wednesday morning, and now it is Thursday evening.  I am just out from 24 hour post spiritual surgery sequestration.  Three is the most I’ve done in one trip so far.  I wanted to go as deep as the Entities would take me, and they took me at my word.

Almost as soon as I entered the first Current room to bring my requests to Medium Joao (John of God to us English speakers), I felt a sensation up and down my spine, like fingers tapping and pressing.  I felt the pancrease begin to pulse and expand like a balloon being filled with air.

The waves of vibration in the room were palpable to me, and it only grew stronger as I moved closer and closer to the Entity embodying Medium Joao.  And again, before the translator could read my requests to the Entity, he looked me deeply in the eyes and spoke, “Operation.”

I returned in the afternoon and took my place; it seemed the spiritual surgery began as soon as I closed my eyes and lasted for about 50 minutes.  I felt pressures along the spine, in my throat, and chest.  I felt a tingling inside my mouth and throughout my sinuses and eustachian tubes.  I felt a tautness inside my rib cage, and – at one point – I felt the solar plexus pulsing.  All though this were patterns and waves and lights; sometimes I felt lifted from my seat as though I were floating.  Towards the end, I saw a brilliant orb (“Hello!” I exclaimed in my mind) that sent waves and waves of colored lights through me.

And then back to my simple pousada room to rest, alternating between trance and sleep; visions and dreams.  Third time, and it becomes a comforting pattern.  Insights intermingle with opportunities for ho’oponopono and the exploration of multi-dimensional awareness.  (I confess: I’ve always had a soft spot for anything multi-dimensional.)  Before this particular surgery, I made a prayer request in the prayer basket for help releasing all resentments and grudges.  If I was not scrubbed clean of all of them in this twenty-four hour period, I most certainly made signficant progress; >)

Another effect of this many surgeries is that I am having the spiritual stitches from previous spiritual surgeries removed as well .  The night before the surgery, I had the first surgery’s stitches removed.  I received a visitation that both delighted and uplifted me as I was gifted with a personal non-physical companion (who told to call him Snookums…Pumpykins is the tune that came to mind when I heard the name) that looked alot like the dog/dragon  from the movie Neverending Story.  My own personal non physical support companion made for a happy dream/vision feeling as those spiritual stitches were removed.  Tonight, I have the stitches removed from the second surgery.  As you might imagine, I feel myself in a timeless moment these past 48 hours, and I am happy to ride it for as long as it lasts.

John of God, Abadiania, spiritual healing, ho'oponoponoWe have one more Casa day in this adventure, and then we begin the journey back to the US.  Though the process – as we know – will continue on.  The Entities come with us, and the collaboration into more and more expanded awareness and healing awakening continues.  And I will continue to share it with you.

I love you.  Thank you.

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