Abadiania Adventure, June 2012 – John of God

John of God, Casa Dom Inacio, spiritual healingHere we are! In Frutti’s, sipping our spicy chai lattes and congratulating ourselves on having arrived.  I confess – it seemed at times (from my prone position on the lazyboy) an unreachable goal.  From the horse-riding accident that precipitated the postponement of the first schedule to the “forever” time it takes fractures and herniated discs to heal, I just wasn’t sure how I was going to manage the long day of travel… not to mention the day of preparation and packing.  But we did 😀  And, from the moment we touched ground in Brazilia, I felt a calm, peaceful sense of rightness that we’d made the effort.  As we rode through the Brazilian countryside, I floated on the sights and sounds and smells – familar now – and counted the blessings that got me to South America.

That’s not to say I wasn’t sore.  I was.  Not as sore as I was right after the accident, I’m happy to say.  Just sore enough to be grateful for the wheelchairs in the airport…  Picture me gliding through airport terminals, wind in my hair and waving to all the walkers ; >)

Due to short-notice flight changes, we arrived on Wednesday morning with the first session at Casa dom Inacio already in session.  Some might say we should have just skipped Wednesday and rested (Alan might say that :P).  I, however, while not known for patience, am known for determination.  So, we swapped into our “whites”, borrowed the pousada wheelchair, and joined the activities.

I remember the first time I sat through a session in the Casa.  In addition to not being sure what was happening when, I also found myself impatient (did I mention that might something for which I’m known?) with the amount of time I spent waiting.  This time, it was different.  Instead, I found myself noting how kind the volunteers were to everyone.  Every time I’ve gone to the Casa (This is our fourth visit), the same volunteers are there answering the same questions, setting the same guidelines.  And still, there is such kindness in their voices and eyes.  Watching them made waiting enjoyable.

John of God entered with five or six people to do “visible surgeries.”  Because I was in a wheelchair, I had one of the best seats for viewing… though, truthfully, I wasn’t sure I wanted to watch.  Instead, I opted to focus on Medium Joao and attempt to align with his energy – see if I could “feel” what he was doing.  What I felt… well, it was kind of amazing!  I felt pain free!  All of the soreness evaporated – the burning in my ribcage, the spasming around the fractured vertebra site, the shooting pain of the herniated disc… just gone.  It actually took me a moment to realize nothing hurt 😛

And then it was my turn.  I was in the revision line.  Everyone who has a spiritual surgery goes through the revision line after 8 days or upon return to the Casa.  Given the acute nature of the injuries from the fall, I was curious to see if I would still be sent directly into spiritual surgery as in the past.  I wasn’t.  Instead, I was directed by the entity to sit in his current room. (This is the meditation room where Medium Joao sits as the lines come through to engage the entity.)  This means tomorrow, as well, I will meditate in the entity’s current.

John of God, Medium Joao, spirtual healingThe energy in the room was palpable to me, running through me in waves.  I felt lifted in it, much like the ocean holds and rocks my body.  I felt currents running up my spine.  Tension in my neck and hips…  that released and passed through my hands and feet.  Even though I was being wheeled, I felt as though I floated from the room.

It’s been a few hours now since the Casa experience, and I do again feel soreness of healing again.  But it was a great interlude, and I’m eager for tomorrow!  Stay tuned…

Thank you.  I love you.

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9 Replies to “Abadiania Adventure, June 2012 – John of God”

  1. I’m so glad you got there – I can just see you and Alan at Frutti’s! Yummy lattes! And it’s marvelous you could align with the energy to have the pain-free period. I’ll be watching for more posts!

    Sending much love to you both…..

  2. Tons and tons of love! So glad you got there safe and sound, but I knew you would! 😉 Very much looking forward to all your sharing about the process and I know you will soak up as much as you can with relation to light and love for your healing!

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