John of God – Abadiania Adventure, June 2012, days 3 and 4

John of God, spiritual healing, AbadianiaOur first spiritual surgery together – How romantic!  Well, mainly… just stretch your mind to imagine how sharing the healing energies for twenty four hours, in a small room — mainly in a trance-like state without talking — can promote that feeling of Oneness 😛

As spiritual surgeries go, this was a gentle experience.  John of God is a medium for several entities, and the quality of the experience often reflects the unique qualities of each healing entity.  At a certain point, I saw/felt a pulsing, radiating sphere of light move toward and through me.  Otherwise, it was a quiet, soft experience of floating.  Almost as soon as the surgery ended, though, I began to feel physical effects.  I felt as though my body was vibrating…too small a movement to be called shaking…but “shimmering” nonetheless.  This stayed with me throughout the seclusion period and into the afternoon of the following day (That would be today.)  Alan said he felt a burning all along his spine (Welcome to my world.  How romantic, right?)  He thought that perhaps his dragon wings were getting ready to break through and unfold.

Dreams aplenty.  Some about writing a book — what to include and from what frame of mind to write.  Some about people who were important to me at different times in my life but no longer present.  They evoked a range of emotion.  Through all of them, I seemed to be “awake” while sleeping, reminding myself that behind all other emotions, love resides…follow the thread to love.

I abstained from all pain medication until into the night when lying on the fracture sites in my ribs became too painful to maintain the trance state.  No pain medication today, either (yet :P)

Crystal Bed, Abadiania, Casa Dom Inacio, John of GodAs usual, I scheduled a crystal bed for after the seclusion period.  It was an intense and powerful experience this time.  It was like re-living the accident where I had to consciously will myself to breathe (There were so many fractures in the rib area that I developed a syndrome called “flail chest” where my lungs wouldn’t expand without conscious reminders for the first several days afterward.)  So, I lay under the crystals and breathed — dramatically and with a certain amount of agitated feelings that I “needed” air…not so much a relaxing experience.  However, when I got up from the crystal bed, one of the ribs that had fractured slipped into place (yes, another dislocation), and I felt immense relief.  Still do.

We’ve moved into Frutti’s now for the afternoon and evening with  computers and my portable “Weaving Worlds” project.  We have our Passion Fruit iced teas and are looking forward to a Frutti’s dinner for a change of pace from our Pousada (Frutti’s has gluten-free bread that rocks the house!)

Spiritual healing, Abadiania, John of GodWe still like each others’ company best of all, but Alan says he’s pretty sure he’s got his sense of humor back and won’t need another spiritual surgery ; >)

Tomorrow, Sunday, will be very quiet in Abadiania.  Perhaps, we’ll get a video clip up.  Stay tuned…

Thank you.  Loving you.

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7 Replies to “John of God – Abadiania Adventure, June 2012, days 3 and 4”

  1. I think Alan’s hair is a new hat that I will see next time I am at Disney World! It definitely indicates a heightened sense of humor. I know mine is when I look at it!
    Wishing I had a Passion Fruit iced tea right now.
    Have fun!

  2. Yep, from Alan’s hair I would definitely say he has his sense of humor back!

    And WOW, that your dislocated and fractured rib popped back into place! That sounds like one of those instantaneous healings….

    Have a wonderful quiet Sunday…. are you able to go to the waterfall?

    1. Last night, I slept the night through for the first time since May 20th. It may have been an instanteous healing that was years in the making (I have the sense that my entire rib cage has been off kilter since the car accident in 1983), but the relief was definitely instanteous, and I’ll take that! 😀

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