Happy for No Reason – Law of Attraction in Action

law of attraction, happiness, It’s easy to be happy when there’s a good reason.  When people are kind and events work out well.  It’s easy to feel good when circumstances fulfill desires and the future unfolds according to plan.  As a response to good fortune or when Life gives good reason, it’s easy to be happy.

But then, there are situations that conflict and people who refuse to cooperate.  There are events that upset the rhythms of a well ordered day and words aimed with barbs attached.  Life isn’t always a sunny day filled with fragrant blossoms.  Sometimes, there is no good reason to be happy.

Within the concept of Law of Attraction, there is a theory that – if you can feel happy independent of the circumstances and events surrounding you – the situations and experiences you have will morph to match the happy state of your Being.  Science supports this theory with both anecdotal and official studies that evidence the value of a positive attitude/happy feelings in overcoming health issues and accomplishing Life goals. 

And, even if the results of this theory are ambiguous, the truth is: no matter what, it feels better to be happy than upset.

Tell that to someone who is upset.  Tell an angry person they can just get happy.  Ask  a person who is anxious about paying bills why they don’t just find something to think about that makes them happy.  When  a person is in emotional or physical distress, suggest to them that happiness is an option.  Chances are they won’t be receptive to the ‘happy cure’.

Because it’s also true: It’s easier to be happy when you’re already happy. 

Recently, I told a friend that I just lived through an experience where I developed my ability to be happy while I walked on emotional hot coals.  It was clear to me that the situation wasn’t going to change to give me reason to smile.  It was clear to me that the events occurring were different than I desired;that I had no way to change what was happening.  I had already tried getting upset about it, and it was clear to me that nothing changed by my upsetness.  It was clear to me that I still really, really, really wanted to feel happy.

At first, the temptation to react with the assortment of feelings that are more usual to the events playing out around me (anger, blame, hurt, disappointment) was a strong pull.  I practiced ho’oponopono (see H’oponopono Made Simple)  I balanced myself by looking for thoughts that were neutral; thoughts that gave everyone the benefit of the doubt and eased the emotional pressure for me.  I figuratively stepped back and back again until I found a broader view of the situation.

When I felt stable in my ability to disregard the reactive pattern, I turned my attention elsewhere – to areas that furthered my sense of well-being in small, easy ways.  I found Nature and basked in the sky and sun and Life around me.  I noticed small kindnesses around me and towards me.  I focused on appreciating these acts of goodwill.  I found opportunities to be kind.  With incremental steps, I made a shift in perspective; I found the muscle Within and exercised it. 

law of attraction, power, happyIn time, I felt happy.  For seconds at first.  And then minutes.  Before long, an entire afternoon where I was good with me and happy.  For no reason.  And while the situation and circumstances around me remained the metaphor of walking across hot coals, I was traipsing again.  Whatever the issues were, I was sure, would work themselves out in due time in the best way possible for everyone involved.

This is the platform from which law of attraction turns theory into action, and wishes into reality.  According to concept, this attitude while feeling happy is the powerful point of creation, allowing law of attraction to coalesce harmonious outcomes.  The best part for me, though, is that once we find our way to feeling happy for no reason, the only result that matters is:


Thank you.  I love you.

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  1. Thank you for this. It’s exactly what I need right now. Thanks also for the link to your “Ho’oponopono Made Simple” post. I keep finding myself drawn to this practice, and the way you describe it there is incredibly helpful.

    With love,


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