Ho’oponopono Made Simple – Law of Attraction In Action

ho'oponopono, law of attraction, vibrational fieldThere are many versions of the ancient Polynesian practice, Ho’oponopono.  This one is not those. 

This version is what happens when a Jungian therapist/Meditation teacher who studies law of attraction decides she wants to fit the practice of Ho’oponopono into her daily ‘western civilization’ Life.  There is also a broad worldview associated to the practice.  You can search Google to read about it (or wait until I feel inspired to reflect upon it; >)  That’s my disclaimer, and the rest is my $.02 to spend as you will.

Start first from the premise that we are much, more than our physicality alone; that our emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies are as real – albeit less concrete – as the form of our physical body. (see:  Sanctuary of the Divine for more on this).  From here, imagine that, while our physical bodies are separate from each other, our emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies are able to connect and blend.  Our spiritual bodies inherently connect through the vibration of love.  Our mental and emotional bodies are, however, more engaged through the personality and attach to others through a variety of emotional tones and mental perceptions.

As we project an attitude (and that attitude includes both thoughts and feelings) towards another person, an etheric vibration (or “aka” in ho’oponopono terms) attaches to that person, group of people, or situation within our inner psyche.  Every time we have a similar experience and project a similar set of feelings and thoughts, the aka chord becomes stronger and stickier, if you will.  Stickier in the sense that it begins to attract even more of the same vibrational experiences that attach and continue to strengthen the pattern.  This is the law of attraction in action.

For example, if I have an interaction with a work associate and feel upset by it, I project and attach an etheric cord to that person that carries my judgements and disgruntled feelings – and continues to influence how I engage past the moment of the exchange.  Most likely, this experience is part of a pattern in my Life, and I have a host of etheric aka attached to everyone who meets the criteria of ‘matching’ this aka pattern.  While the likelihood is good that my associate has her own aka patterns that attach to me, in ho’oponopono this is irrelevant – responsibility for all aka attachments in my field are mine. (read In the Midst of a Ripple for more on this)  No wiggle room here.

These are the attachments Ho’oponopono intends to ‘make right’; to release and clear from the field of our vibrational body so that we can come fully present into each moment with a clear channel for the love of Spirit to flow.  It’s a worthy intention, in my humble opinion.  The key, I find, is to become conscious of the pattern in the personality.  In other words, find the ways my mind lets me know I am ‘stuck’ in an aka attachment.  For me, it’s easy:  if I am dwelling on it; if the thoughts running through my mind are thoughts that come up for me periodically; if my feeling impulse or reaction is so strong that I feel powerless to change it…  then I know I have an aka buildup in my vibrational field, and ho’oponopono can help me clear it.

Like this:  I close my eyes.  I breathe.  I continue focusing on my breath until I feel some amount of relief from the intensity or agitation of the situation.  I hold an awareness of the person or pattern or situation in my mind, and I say to myself, “I am sorry for the judgements and hard feelings I’ve attached here, and I forgive myself.  I release the energy of these attachments to a Loving Universe.  I am Love, and all I want in this situation/relationship is to be the Love I Am.  I forgive you, and I am free.”  I take a deep breath and, as I exhale,  I feel the released energy lifting and freeing me.

90% of the time it works for me.  In the 10% that doesn’t, I do my best to relax into ‘just knowing’ I intend to be free of this attachment and, feeling how powerful the attachment is for me, I am glad that I now know what it is.  Oftentimes, I can see a smaller attachment within the larger one that I can release for now.  I can leave the larger attachment to another moment.  And the process continues. 

ho'oponopono, law of attraction, love
Present in Love

It takes practice and a willingness to believe in the possibility that a clear intention enacted with a simple process can empower long-held patterns to release.  The reward of this practice is freedom from resentments and addictive behaviors; freedom from harboring old slights; and the freedom to stand fully present in Love.  Moment to clearing moment.

Thank you.  I love you.

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18 Replies to “Ho’oponopono Made Simple – Law of Attraction In Action”

  1. Hi Anhna, this is indeed a very powerful process. I often times feel the attachements in the very pit of my solar plexus and then I know I am stuck. Working in this way to forgive ourselves and others is so key to being happy in life. It is also good to know that from a soul perspective sometimes these situations are necessary and that All is still well. big hugs! Alex

    1. Interesting point, Alex! I often find those attachments in the solar plexus, too. A clear solar plexus is a happy life, perhaps; >)

    1. What I like to do when I find an article that I want to come back to again is bookmark it. You can see at the bottom of each article there is a button that says “Share/Save”. Click on it, and you’ll find options to either “Add to Your Favorites” (which will bookmark it for you on your computer) or Email (You can email it to yourself or share it with others). If you have a facebook page or a twitter account, for example, you can click on one of the websites listed and forward it there to your page. Have fun!

  2. Hi, this is what I do and it seems to work well for me. If I have bad feelings about someone or something, I say “I’m sorry” “Please forgive me” “Thank you” and “I love you”. This is, of course, said to my inner being.

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