Welcome Change – It’s How Life Works

awakening, change, how life worksOne way or another, change happens.  Change, as some philosophers say, is the only constant  I don’t know about you… but with 59 years on the planet, I’m still coming to terms with this.

Let go and let God.  Easy for someone else to say about my Life.  I’m the one with the vested interest, and the uncertainty that — by the very nature of change has to accompany it — tends to make me a little nervous.  OK, nervous is a euphemism.  Anxious.  Change makes me anxious.  There I said it. The changes I like are the changes in which I am control.  Like changing what I eat for breakfast.  That’s a change I can embrace easily because the “unknown” factors are manageable to the part of my mind that craves predictability.

However, evolution requires change.  In order to learn and grow and expand into new awareness, there has to be new experience to explore.  And new experiences always include an uncertain, unknowable future.

Sometimes, in moments of clarity, I giggle at the cosmic joke change is.  We are impelled by the very nature of our being to reach for more, to step forth with curiosity, to engage the feelings of excitement and eagerness.  It’s the thrum of Life.  By these same natures, we are wary of the unpredictable and determined to make change controllable.  And it’s not — that’s the punchline.

Change will surprise, frighten, excite, benefit, destroy, create and awaken… sometimes all in the same moment.  No matter what our feelings are, change still happens.  Whether we jump into change without forethought for the thrill-seeking adventure of it or hold the reins of change as tightly as we can in the hope of slowing the momentum, change happens.  It’s how Life works.  If we aren’t changing, we aren’t living.  Consider the implications of that!

awakening, change, GraceAnd I love being alive.  So then, the question for me becomes how can I experience change on the excitement/enthusiasm for change end of the continuum even when the uncertainty quotient is high?  How can I accentuate the positive and be allowing of the process to unfold with an abiding sense of Grace in my response to the myriad of details along the way?

I am asking myself these questions now because I am in the midst of a big change — relocating to a new city — and I might not have thought to ponder these ideas and questions if I weren’t. So, ok.  I don’t exactly have a pithy answer to these musings to share right at the moment, but I do have an eagerness and excitement to explore and learn new ways to ride the currents of change in a boat powered by Grace and trust in the process.   This is an example of the power of change to inspire learning and expanding awareness.

Now, I have one really good reason to welcome change.  I will call it a good place to start.  Tips to share with me?  I’d love to read them!

Thank you.  I love you.

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7 Replies to “Welcome Change – It’s How Life Works”

  1. This is such a perfect example of the human duality. To grow begins in the soul, and the mind and heart join in, but the body, forever connected to the root chakra and the need for status quo will draw you to question…in a way this is a good thing or we would all float off into the ether, at least I know as a Pisces I would, but having a wonderfully grounded and balanced Libra partner who always notices when, as Miss Clavelle does in Madeline, “things are not quite right…” we as a pair seem to be able to deal with change quite well…i know you will do amazingly well and really the best thing to do is accept those feelings of anxiety, breathe and release and then “find” the reason and address the question….Big hugs and best of luck with all the wonderful adventures coming your way!

    1. Duality is being able to live with my boat having a sails for both trust and anxiety, isn’t it? And to carry the analogy a step further, I ride in a boat of Grace where both abide in harmony ; >)

      Thanks, Alex, for inspiring me to evolve the concept!
      ahnalira recently posted..Letting Go With Love – Awakening

  2. Somehow I both love and loath change and uncertainty! Like you say, the trick is how to relax into it and enjoy it, even have fun with it. This article is a good reminder that change can be fun, thanks!

  3. We used to call it “going with the flow” or “taking life as it comes.” There’s a good mix of intention involved too. In the mix, lots of stuff happens. You can’t expect to glide along in that well worn groove too long and still be fulfilled.

    Your evolving wisdom is something I will look forward to following.
    David Stone recently posted..Fables of Wealth – NYTimes.com

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