A Spider’s Story – How Life Works

art, weaving worlds, spider, teacher withinBy my art desk, there is a window.  Six months ago, I noticed a large spider
weaving her web on the other side of the pane.  Day by day, she built a
net across the window as I wove colors into fabric a few feet away.  I developed a fondness for her; a sense of kinship as we created in silent harmony together.  A pane of glass maintained our clear boundary as we wove side by side – each in our own world.  After a rain, I exalted with her on a good ‘catch’ day and cheered for her as she succeeded in stashing a large ‘spider’ wealth of small flying creatures in her web.

Several months passed of our weaving camaraderie when she surprised me with a baby – one itsy bitsy identical reproduction of herself.
I watched, mesmerized, as she showed it how to move on the web, how to
wrap an insect, how to manage the stash. I had always thought spiders gave birth to large numbers of babies that sailed away on the wind (ala Charlotte’s Web), and my mind was stretched as I witnessed this one on one relationship developing and evolving.  The fondness I felt became love.  Each day I felt more and more like an ‘auntie’, communing with my spider relations.

A few weeks ago, I looked up to greet them from my weaving desk, and the huge Mama Spider was gone.  The web remained, now spanning two window
panes and intersecting itself to create levels and planes.  The stash remained, grown larger yet.  And in the middle of it all, the teensy heiress spider left to grow and learn alone.  Now, I sat and created next to the baby, cheering her in her evolution, feeling even more like an auntie than ever.

A week after that, the baby was gone.  I couldn’t say what had happened – whether she took off to build her own web or didn’t make it long on her own.. either way, I missed both of them; and I mourned – as only, it seems, humans do.  “This is Life,” I told myself, “Letting go and death are part of it.”  And, as I cherished the memory of communing with them ‘over my shoulder’, I did make peace with their passage…

spider, teacher withinAnd then…  I found her again.  She hadn’t ‘gone’.  She’d moved.  From east facing window by my office to a better protected west-facing window by the garage door, she’d journeyed forth and made a new home.  I was so happy to see her!  I knew it was her (there was no other like her; so huge and gorgeous).  I was amazed and delighted by her adventurous spirit – it was no small feat to relocate from one side of the house to the other.  As I stood admiring her courage and success, I saw in – off in the corner of her already sizable web – the baby!  Bigger than before, and looking more and more just like her mama, there was the baby.

teacher within, spider magicCan you imagine this?  Mama Spider traveled the distance, looking for a new home – safer and better protected from the elements.  Built that home.  And then remembered the way  to collect the little one and carry it back.

My heart overflowed joy.

The Teacher Within gave me this gift.  A spider’s story touched my Life and made Life larger and more full of magic and miracles for me.  The Native Americans say that when a creature of Nature touches our experience it is a message from the Divine.  By my interest and my focus and my emotional response, the Greater Intelligence gave me a spider’s story to guide and teach me in the evolution of my Being.  And so my desire to engage the Teacher Within daily for the wisdom that guides true is fulfilled in this mama and her baby’s story.  It is up to me to listen from the integrity of my alignment and know the teaching; I know I will find layers of layers of wisdom in her story as well as a deeper understanding of love as I visit them on my way to and from the barn.  And you may call me Auntie.

Thank you.  I love you.

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12 Replies to “A Spider’s Story – How Life Works”

  1. 2 summers ago we had a golden orb weaver outside my bedroom window, between it and the deck. Most folks shrieked when they saw her, but strangely, I was attracted to her. Her colors were amazing and her web was a wonder. I didn’t witness her motherhood, as the sac she left in her web never became babies. But she (or perhaps a baby of hers whom I didn’t realize had been born) returned to the same spot the last year. It was like a friend returning from vacation! But alas, she (or her baby) didn’t return this year. Maybe next year, though!

  2. I am learning to look at spiders differently now. Really, I’ve never been a big fan of them. Last night as I sat on the patio enjoying the last light of the day, I noticed a web, and watched the spider working meticulously building it. Could have been a mama, or a papa. Thank you for sharing your view. It was enlightening.
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  3. Dearest Auntie,
    I love the care that you extend. Thank you for blessing the earth with your love. You are a bright blessing, indeed.
    I also pay great attention to the images & guides, so I deeply relate to your story.
    I hope you continue to share your beautiful soul & positive thoughts for many years to come.

  4. I love this! It is exactly what i needed to hear. My mama spider my queen has disappeared for two days and I am at loss for words. She is ( like all spiders to me) are inspirations! Reading your story I have hopes she will return, maybe elsewhere. I too thought of the transiance of this life and lack of impermance when I realised I may not see my little queen again. I asked all the other spiders out there to let me know. I created such a strong bond with her everyday cheering her catches on and thanking her for protecting me! Thank you dearly for your share. May we unite as arachnoid lovers together! Namastae

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