What’s In Your Healthcare Pantry?

Spiritual healing, Abadiania, John of GodA couple of months ago, my husband was stung by multiple bees at the base of his brain and on his arms and feet.  He passed out and couldn’t move for several moments, then got himself into the house… his entire head looking like a giant hive (no pun intended :P).  I went to my pantry and pulled out my cannabinoid-acid tincture (anti-inflammatory), vitamin C (anti-oxidant), and proteolytic enzymes (to break down the venom in his blood.)  I dosed several grams of C, multiple handfuls of enzymes, and a full ounce of tincture over the course of an hour or so…. and watched as the his body returned to normal before my eyes.  What might have been even more relevant is that he had been doing a detox protocol that included negative ion foot baths and ozone therapy for six months before this incident occurred, lending him increased resilience to deal with an event that literally took his body down.

Without a pantry chock full of quality supplements and a protocol that supports his body’s resilience, this would have been a life/death emergency room experience.  I count my lucky stars.  Right? Continue reading “What’s In Your Healthcare Pantry?”

Preparing For Pilgramage 7 To Visit John Of God

awakening, transformation, individuationIt’s been nine months since our last trip to Abadiania, Brazil.  A full gestation period.  As those who have been following my journey with John of God know–six visits I in the course of three years–our last trip was accentuated by a direct communion with one of the entities who works through Medium Joao, Dr. Augusto. (see: John of God Reflections)  His final instruction to me before leaving Abadiania was to get myself a full physical workup with lab work upon returning home.

And I did, discovering I was on the verge of a Myxedema Coma–a life threatening condition caused by severe hypothyroidism aka my thyroid had died two years previously during an emergency surgery. (see: Still Alive and Kicking)  Instead of “curing” me,  Dr. Augusto set me on a path of healing far more holographic than a simple physical cure…though, at the time, I didn’t understand that. Continue reading “Preparing For Pilgramage 7 To Visit John Of God”

Consumed By The Dragon – Awakening

Itransformation, awakening dreamed.  I dreamed I was eaten by a dragon.

In the dream, I felt no fear – no trepidation of jagged teeth or painful death.  Only curiosity.  The dragon was HUGE, her head the size of a small house, her body could have been an apartment complex.  When she lowered her snout to the ground and opened her maw wide, I felt the heat and smelled the sulphur exuding with her breath.

It was a dream, though, and I was only more curious.  I stepped tentatively into the cavern that was her mouth.  I felt the soft give of her tongue under my feet… and watched myself dissolve — body vaporized into billions of tiny fragments.  Still conscious, yet nowhere could I find me.

Dreaming.  Dreaming in a deep, dark landscape filled with sparkling lights, I felt the beating heart of the dragon pulsing me through her body.  I sensed an immense mind – like a sky with no end – and touched it, joining in the dream with a vast intelligence that stretched my awareness to new perspectives I would never have considered within the mind of my own species.  Perspectives I could barely comprehend. Perspectives that turned me inside out of the nowhere I could find me.

Timeless in a dream that may have been a brief moment or eternal forever, consciousness released the “I” as all the particles of what was “me” flowed into ‘we-ness’ with her…

Until she pooped me out.  She pooped me out.  I was dreaming, right?  And there “I” stood again.  No longer the “me” who had been consumed – I was newly configured; somehow reshaped and blended anew with traces of Dragon vibrating through my being.  Transformed into dragon poop.

I dreamed.

And now, I wonder… what is dreaming?  And…when am I awake?  Is this Awakening? Continue reading “Consumed By The Dragon – Awakening”

Diabetes, An Expert Teacher: Part 6; Making Peace

Diabetes, Law of Attraction, ho'oponopono, Carl Jung, IndividuationLife goes on…

It’s been many years since the events I described in the previous installments (see parts 1 – 5).  I’m 25 years older now.  Circumstances changed.  Focus shifted.  Priorities evolved.  The one constant – Type 1 Diabetes, my teacher, remained true to me.

How does one make peace with an unwanted condition or circumstance?  The million dollar question, and I know the answer…. Continue reading “Diabetes, An Expert Teacher: Part 6; Making Peace”

Diabetes, An Expert Teacher: Part 5; the inevitable solution

Nobody gets out of Life alive.  It’s a popular saying in my neck of the woods.  Yet, somehow, I did.  Again.

John of God, vortex of attraction, law of attraction, healing, diabetesInevitably, the pattern of choices I made – starting with not testing blood sugars – led to a medical emergency.  I had been watching it approach like it was a dream or someone else’s story.  I noticed little sores on my body and told friends they were from keto-acidosis (by-product of high blood sugars) but didn’t make the connection between them and the importance of testing my blood sugar and adjusting insulin.  It was apparent to me that I was losing weight quickly, but it seemed unimportant to me.  How could I think about those things when I felt like I had the flu (for about a month :P) and just wanted to rest?

Finally, the morning arrived when I came ‘awake’ just enough to realize I was about to kick to the bucket. Continue reading “Diabetes, An Expert Teacher: Part 5; the inevitable solution”

When I Died – A Story of Awakening

Have you heard the saying, “Nobody gets out of here alive.”?  As far as I can tell, that’s the truth.  It’s the door at the end of every hallway, the final step of the dance; Death takes a bow right before every curtain comes down.

I “died” once.  I recall watching in slow motion as my car sped towards the freeway wall and then….  I floated, like a feather in the breeze.  I felt relief, like I’d just removed a shoe that was too tight, and I drifted, as though a gentle current held me lightly in its buoyant caress.  I saw millions of lights, like fireflies, dancing on what seemed like a night sky.  The voices sang a harmony that made one Voice, and the Voice soothed and comforted and reassured.  I abided in peace and bliss for a timeless moment (or just under one minute if you count the seconds when the medics couldn’t find any vital signs). Continue reading “When I Died – A Story of Awakening”

Living On The Brink of Perpetual Awakening

law of attraction, ho'oponopono, diabetes, spiritual awakeningIn December 1983, I was in a high speed/head on automobile collision that changed my Life to such an extent that I didn’t know what or how or who I would be after I recovered; people who knew me before the accident thought I must be a Walk-In (a popular concept back then). As I healed from the head injury and came to terms with type 1 Diabetes that emerged as a result of the accident… as I floated in the space between what was and what was becoming, I wrote this poem:

When the bottom dropped out,
I was scared.
Silly me.
For did these feet grow wings. Continue reading “Living On The Brink of Perpetual Awakening”