Let It Go. Seriously.

awakening, change, GraceYou know that thing…or person… or habit… the one that always triggers a reaction or takes you down a wormhole into past wounds and traumas… let it go.  Seriously.  These patterns–these same ol, same ol patterns–are a type of energetic parasite, siphoning away the life force and vitality of your essence.

It doesn’t matter how many health professionals we consult or how careful we are about what we eat and drink or how much we exercise or how good the medical cannabis is… if we continue to let our life force be drained by emotional reactivity and addictive coping habits.

Seriously.  Let it go.

It’s a challenge, I know.  The patterns that held me captive and fed upon my vitality were hidden from my conscious awareness–I didn’t see them until my physical health deteriorated to the point that–unless I let the emotional patterns go–my body wouldn’t survive.  And, they were SO well hidden from me that I still may not have become aware had not I literally discovered physical parasites wreaking havoc in the liver and kidneys.  As I read studies on how parasites effect the thinking and behavior of their hosts, I caught the whiff of how a microscopic worm could convince me to eat and act in certain ways… THEN, I caught a glimpse of the shadowmind–the “influencer,” if you will, of cloaked intentions for the purpose of feeding off a host.  Microscopic parasites reflecting a larger, energetic parasite impacting the minds of any of us who aren’t consciously making choices moment to moment…. because we are “influenced” by parasites 😛

It was like looking under a dead carcass with your full attention…  full of hard truths about how life depends upon death and  there is SO much going on in the places we don’t like to look.  Be with that thought for a moment, will you?

And then ask yourself, “What if I started looking at these patterns as calls for help from body?”  What if the distressed dwelling I am doing with the mind is just my Soul’s way of attempting to help me understand I need to let it go?”  Maybe not the relationship itself–but how I give away my power in it.  Maybe not the thing itself–but the way I judge myself in relationship to it.  Let go and let a new template emerge.  That’s what I did, anyway.  And what I discovered was that my energy increased with every hard conscious choice to walk away from the same ol, same ol.

Do you know what your same ol, same ols are?  Do you defer to others, not expressing who you are to avoid rocking the boat?  Do you procrastinate? Do you pretend to be happy? Do you feel hurt by others?  Are you irritated with others?  Is it easier to blame than to own responsibility? Do you consume (fill in the blank) to comfort yourself?   These are just a few of the types of same ol, same ol habits we develop to hide the shadowmind’s vampirish influence.  Each of us has our own unique configuration, and what I know from the beginning steps I am taking to deal with mine is that to find what is hiding, one must use extra senses like intuition and spidey.

dreams and wishes, awakeningJust know that if you find yourself reactive or dwelling on a reaction, the shadowmind has you.  Let it go.  Seriously.  Let it go, and stop feeding the shadowmind.  Let it  go, and let the vitality of Life flow fully through your Being.  That’s the exciting carrot: vitality, conscious awareness, and an authentic connection with Soul.  Best carrot ever.


Now is the time. Let it go and let a new template emerge.

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