The Teacher Within – Recognition of Awakening

Teacher, Guidance, Spiritual awakening, spiritualityWe can talk about our “Inner Being”, and we can philosophize forever on where the sacred Voice Within originates.  We can intellectually exercise and expand the concept of Guidance  into forever and beyond.  Still, it seems to me, there is only one question that bears fruit in its answer:

How do we recognize the Teacher Within?

If there is a wisdom abiding within our Being, functioning from behind what our conscious mind interprets as outside ourselves, how do we access it?  We have so many ‘voices’ playing commentator to our experiences – I know I do, anyway – how do we discern which voice speaks from Greater Intelligence amongst the voices that reflect well-worn opinions and biases?  These questions draw the line in the sand.  We can talk about it endlessly, but – at some point – we have to start listening to begin to understand the nuances of what it means. 

I recall the times in my life where messages I ‘heard’ were emphatically from Greater Intelligence.  Certainly, in the timeless moment when I ‘died’, I felt and heard and experienced the Teacher Within and knew the clarity of wisdom in that experience.  But that was an extreme situation and not one that I want to have to re-do every time I seek Guidance.  I can imagine other instances…

I went to Greece alone in 1992 on a quest of personal healing.  I arrived in Athens to discover the car rental location was in the midst of downtown traffic.  Not only did I need to find my way to the road that would take me further towards Delphi without help of a navigator – I had to do so without being able to read the street signs…  Greek, if you didn’t know, is a totally different alphabet 😛

I remember thinking, “This is crazy.  How can I do this?”  Then I let it go; there was no point in listening to that voice.  I’d been up for 24 hours already, and I was too tired to spend extra energy on anxiety.  There was nothing to do but follow the murmur of the Teacher Within.  I turned when I felt the impulse to do so; I kept my eyes on the traffic and let my heart navigate.  It seemed like a small miracle to me when I found myself on the right highway and heading in the right direction from the heart of downtown Athens within 20 minutes.

The memory is a vivid reminder to me of how ‘present’ the Teacher Within can be when we are permeable to instruction.  It beckons me to wonder how to enhance the permeability.  I imagine what it could be like to have a daily dialogue with the Greater Intelligence of the Teacher Within that encourages me in my evolution and helps me discern the attitudes and actions that support a gracious, fulfilling expansion.

It’s a path of learning to listen.

spirituality, cosmic, guidance, awakeningThere are subtle nuances that define the Teacher Within from the voices of smaller mind’s opinions and biases.  Unique to each individual, these are the markers I listen to discern.  For me, the Teacher Within speaks through an ambiance of calm.  There is a resonance in my body that feels almost like a ‘clicking into place’.  The Teacher Within is often the quietest voice in my mind; my practice becomes a process of staying detached from the thoughts moving around in my mind until I sense that calm and feel that ‘click’ of knowing.

The ability to listen and recognize this connection in a moment to moment rhythm is that dance that makes my heart soar and the music that keeps me moving to the beat of Life.  The Teacher Within beckons me to come, and I do.

Thank you.  I love you.

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5 Replies to “The Teacher Within – Recognition of Awakening”

  1. I find when I take time daily for specific prayer and meditations, I am more able to not just hear a voice, but recognize the voice I need to hear and listen to it. I also try to stay aware of my tone of voice everywhere, and my stature, and facial expression; being aware of how I am being perceived, as to how I might affect any given situation in a positive way.

    1. I agree, Francine… a consistent practice is the best way to open the lines of communication! I love your idea of observing your expressions and posture and voice tone… a continual mirror to give reflection 🙂

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