Wayne Dyer Speaks of His John of God Experience

He speaks my heart and my experience.  I have been twice so far this year and will return in December.  If you have any questions about the experiences I’ve had, I am happy to answer them…  or feel peruse the category John of God for articles and vlogs of my journey with John of God

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7 Replies to “Wayne Dyer Speaks of His John of God Experience”

  1. There is a medium in Brazil that is called John of God – João de Deus. Isn’t that nice? 🙂 I’m so glad to know that John is taking care of Wayne. I love him so much. He’s such a sweet man. Kisses! 🙂

  2. Hello Ahnalira,

    Can you tell me how to get more information about how to tap into the energy of John of God? Either remotely or by distant healing? I’ve googled it a bit and find there’s lots of folks who offer trips or distant healing. I don’t know how to choose between them and/or if I even need to do that or can just contact John of God directly?
    Any information you can provide would be much appreciated.


    1. Happy day, Patti
      Here is the official website: http://www.friendsofthecasa.info
      and here is a website that offers a wide range of information: http://www.abadianiaportal.com/

      There are many guides to choose from, ranging from people who live there and advertise setting up distant healings to people who travel there with groups. My recommendation would be to listen within as you read about each one to determine what feels right for you.

      As a guide myself, I trust for the people who are best suited to my style to find me, and I am inclined to work with only a few people per trip. I do make prayer requests for people as a service, and if you would like to have a prayer asking for help with a situation or condition, email me at ahnalira@ahnalira-connectedcounsel.com and include your name as well as the city and state where you live. This is different than going before John of God for you; I make the prayer directly to the Entities while I am there. My next trip will be Dec 5 – Dec 17, 2011.
      Best regards,

  3. Thank you Ahnalira for the information. It is much appreciated. I’ll review the websites you mentioned. After reading Dr. Dyer’s experience with distant healing, I feel that is the best course for my current situation because a 12-14 trip to Brazil is prohibitive for me right now in terms of time.

    Again many thanks to you.


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