Prosperity and the Art of Prospering – How Life Works

prosperity, abundance, prosper, wealth, spiritual awakeningEveryone wants more of something; it’s the human condition.  When I was a child, I wanted more years under my belt.  Now that I have those years, I’d like more stamina and vitality like I had as a child.  It seems to be an inherent aspect of our nature to stand in the fulfillment of one desire and think about what more is desired.  And, for many, prosperity is high on the list of desires.

For anyone who travels beyond their neighborhood, it’s apparent that prosperity is a subjective experience.  I, for example, expect indoor plumbing.  Indeed, I expect two or more rooms in any place I call home to be dedicated to personal matters of hygiene.  However, when I lived on Lopez Island in the 80’s, indoor plumbing was a luxury.  Most of my friends had rigged showers and used outhouses.  And, because they owned the land that gave them such amenities, they felt quite prosperous.  In those days, I could – and did – claim entire forests for my ‘personal’ use and relished the freedom of it.  Values, really, are the determining factor of what defines prosperity.

Interestingly, what also defines prosperity is anxiety about the lack of it.   As a child, one of my mother’s favorite phrases was, “When our ship comes in…” and then she would describe what we would do with all that money (that we couldn’t do now.)  In my early years, it made no sense to me…  Couldn’t we just write a check for whatever we wanted?  Isn’t that how life works?  I’m not sure how many times she explained my thinking was wrong – that money was scarce and had to be carefully budgeted because it could run out at anytime – that I joined her in the fantasy of a ship bringing us untold wealth…  while worrying every day that we would go broke.  My definition of prosperity was shaped by yearning and disbelief.

Fortunately, while our childhood shapes us, it doesn’t have to define us.  As evolving Beings, our capacity for self-determination is limited only by our willingness to focus with intention (see Clarifying Law of Attraction – Introducing Law of Intention).  Indeed, in the power of the mind all of us are quite prosperous.  Through the mind’s ability to develop a perceptual attitude, we access infinite possibilities and dip into the source of all prosperity – imagination.

prosperity, abundance, wealth, wellbeing, well beingI watch the horses graze, and I imagine all of those grasses growing and multiplying from the seeds we planted.  I sense the enjoyment they feel as they munch upon the never ending supply of juicy green, and I know:  they prosper.

I weave colored threads into a pattern that evokes a joyful creative fulfillment in me, and I know:  I prosper.

I greet the world happy and eager to engage.  Smiles meet my smile, and the words we share enhance our well-being and I know:  We prosper.

Prosperity is as natural as growing grass; as powerful as a creative action; as expansive as a smile shared and shared again and again.  The art of prospering is in the attitude.  The value of prosperity is in our capacity to enjoy.  The result of prosperity is trust that all is well and the will to good prevails.  That’s how life works.


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