Sharing Shame Away – Awakening

awakeningIt’s a residual grime – Shame.  Sticky and heavy like a combination of quicksand and tar, laying like a film over our memories and experiences.  I have yet to meet anyone who doesn’t know what I’m talking about, though I have come across many who pretend they bear no burden of shame.

And I know they do.  We all do.  Every one of us — at some point — knows the experience of feeling bad about something we’ve done or some aspect of how we look or who we are.  It may be a slight embarrassment about a pimple or a regret for having spoken harshly in a moment of distress.  It could be a habit or an inability to follow through on intentions or goals.  No matter how small or insignificant in the moment, it is shame… and it accumulates in the psyche.

It is the thing about ourselves we don’t like — that we believe others will dislike us or judge us for doing or being.  It doesn’t have to be criminal or unethical or immoral — thought sometimes it is — for us to want to hide it away from the persona we show the world.  Indeed, the very nature of shame makes us want to hide feeling bad even from ourselves, leading to layers of pretense.  Pretense is the mechanism that disconnects us from the power of authenticity and the ability to choose another way that feels better.  Shame is it’s own self-fulfilling prophecy of isolation.

Good news, though…  I know the cure for shame!  It is as simple as speaking it.  Whether to a close friend, a counselor, or even by journaling as a place to start…  bring the dark into the light, and it will be transformed.  Put the “ick” into perspective by sharing it, and the density lightens up, bringing relief to the sense of heavy isolation.  Own it as an opportunity to let love find even the darkest corners of the personality, and love will dissolve the barriers of isolation.

The awakening process is a transformation of all that holds us in an isolated sense of disconnection.  The awakening process transforms the perceptual filters of the mind, opening pathways to and through the soul.  When we open our minds — even the aspects that are held in feelings of shame — to the transforming power of conscious awareness, love shines into us and reminds us who we are truly.  We are love.

Shame is only the call for love, the need to be understood, the fear of powerless isolation.  No one talks about it, fearing our personal, individual shame is an eternal burden to bear silently and alone.  This is the myth — the lie, if you will, of separation.

John of God, spiritual healing, AbadianiaCome into the light and tell someone what it is you fear or dislike in yourself.  Share it and let be washed away in the sharing to allow a new perception of response-ability — a different way of understanding and choice to emerge.  Be transformed in the awakening of new choices that open more pathways of connection into love.  Awaken and be lifted, like a flower grows to the sun, in the love of All We Are and All We Are Becoming — Source.

Thank you.  I love you.


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