Abadiania! First Day of Trip Seven–John of God

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Meditation garden at the Casa

Life got us to Abadiania safe and sound.  Tired and perhaps a little ragged around the edges after twenty-four hours of travel…safe and sound, though, nonetheless.

My blood sugars started dropping on the flight from Miami to Brasilia, and–by the time–we touched ground and climbed into the taxi for the hour and half drive to Abadiania–I was eating Lara bars non stop and could not get my blood sugar over 57.  This isn’t a new experience in Abadiania.  I’m just a little more prepared this time and started dropping insulin dosages right away.

Besides the dry, clear blue day, what made the biggest impression upon us as we drove through the Brazilian landscape is the amount of growth and building that is happening.  The airport is growing.  The city is spreading further into the countryside.  And Abadiania…well, Abadiania is growing faster than anywhere else.  Construction everywhere and new shops and restaurants, too.  The Casa has new buildings as well,and the garden is being extended.  John of God is a economy boost for the world around him it would seem

Change and growth.

We love our new pousada, Luz Divina (Divine Light in English.)  Our room is painted a soft lavender and has a stained glass window.  The bathroom is the largest we’ve seen in any pousada.  The garden is exquisite.  More change for us.  More growth, right?

Frutti’s–we are happy to say–is still the same 😉

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5 Replies to “Abadiania! First Day of Trip Seven–John of God”

  1. Wishing you all good things during your stay in Abadiana, Ahnalira! I’ve seen one of your videos and you really brought me back to the casa. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us.
    Blessings and Light

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