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Dr. Joe Dispenza teaches a meditation/system of learning, healing, and evolving that begins with the physics fact: all form comes from energy as its source. This energy is a combination of electrical and magnetic frequencies that combine in a balance, creating form–bodies, things, circumstance. Dr. Joe states, “The electrical pulse sends the thought, and the magnetic frequency carries the emotion that magnetizes an experience.” Heady stuff, right? This statement defines the law of attraction very simply as: We are create what we are–what we think and feel…. not what we desire.

A powerful adjustment to the current new age teachings, right? If I am sick and want wellness, I won’t attract wellness while I feel sick… I’ve got to find feelings that are resonant with wellness to attract it. This concept holds true for all of the wishes we have for something different than what we experience to occur. The natural question that arises from this understanding is: How do I shift my thoughts and feelings so that I am attracting what I want? Good question. Let’s talk about that as it relates to energy centers first.

Energy Centers As a Concept

Imagine a large business and all it’s different departments. The owner establishes its mission statement, and that translates down into the function of each department. Each department has it’s own hub from which the department’s intentions and goals-based on the mission statement of the overall business–flows out into the workforce of that department for action. If the workers function congruently to the hub’s mission, then the department becomes a stable influence in relationship to the functioning of the other departments. And, if most, or all, of the other departments are also functioning well, then all of the departments–working together–create a synergy of effective productivity and morale (aka coherence and harmony.) Conversely, if one or more departments are less able to maintain an effective congruence to their mission, this impacts the other departments–decreasing effectiveness over the whole company.

The energy centers of the personality are much like the departments of the business. For purposes of analogy, let’s call the business owner I Am. I Am is consciousness and awareness in the unified field–another physics term that says: The Unified Field of Consciousness is the Source of Creation,
the no-thing which contains every-thing, the source and substance of every-thing known and unknown from and within which all experience is constructed.
I Am, then, lives as a wave rather than a particle–light rather than form. I Am abides in the realm of no-thing which contains everything. I Am emits, as frequencies, the over-riding mission statement for all the energy centers of personality…. transmitting through slower and slower frequencies of light until the energy centers are engaged.

Energy centers relate to the physical body, the emotional body, and the mental body of the personality. The first three energy centers translate I Am’s mission statement into the physical body. The emotional body has one energy center, and the mental body has three energy centers. Each energy center increases its frequency speed from first to seventh, enabling the ability to ‘rise’ into the eighth center which is closer in frequency to I Am and able to reach into unified field awareness and commune, if you will, with the mission frequencies of I Am. Each center aligns with a specific component of the body, its tissues and organs as well as emotions and patterns of thought to transmit I Am’s mission into all aspects of the person’s being. The intent: coherence and harmony in body, heart, mind, and soul.

Energy Centers Functions

As we engage the energy centers, by placing awareness and feeling/sensing them, their functions are supported and upgraded. When I first began the Dispenza system meditation of Blessing the Energy Centers, it was actually difficult for me to feel/sense the first three physical body centers. Mind you, I had been walking a line between life and death for a couple of years. The experience showed me that my personality had–in a way–already abandoned the physical body departments aka energy centers. With practice, I was able to locate and sense them. My first point in sharing this is that the journey into the energy centers is a very personal and subjective experience. All of us have our own I Am transmitting from the field the qualities of each center that supports I Am’s mission. That means, to me, that all of us have a unique experience in each of the centers. Remember this as I describe the energy centers’ functions and how to locate/experience them. Let what I describe be like breadcrumbs to assist in establishing contact and developing a relationship with your I Am’s mission for your centers. My second point is this: your body, feelings, and thoughts are already showing you which energy centers need support–they are the results of department (s) out of alignment with itself. For me, these are the centers I found the most challenging to engage. For you, it may be different, but–for sure–pay attention to the roadmap your illness and/or discomfort provides as we go through the centers.

First Center–Located at the perineum muscle at the base of the body, the first center’s department manages the sexual organs and glands as well as the tissues of pelvis area. The first center connects the body to Earth’s vitality and Life force. It aligns with emotions of passion and a sense of belonging. For me, a sense of belonging to Life and Nature. As my personality struggled with a feeling of belonging, the first center was, at first a shadow I could barely discern. As I developed my ability to feel–first as a tingling and then as a heat and, finally, as a holographic pattern–it became for me like lava at the core of the Earth, flowing and glowing in shades of red.

Second Center–Behind the navel sits the second center. The intestines and all of the tissues within the lower abdomen obey the transmissions of the second center. It is the home of body-knowing, those intuitions that come from a feeling in the gut. Safety and intimacy and creativity are the second center’s domain. This center hid from my awareness longer than the first center, and showed me a great deal of emotional pain and feelings of mistrust before I was able to rest comfortably in its pulsing peach and coral colors. As I was able to evolve into holographic awareness, I found myself in a jungle of fragrant coral and peach flowers…. with a jaguar peeking through and promising to protect and keep safe…. so personal and subjective, right?

Third Center–Located in the solar plexus, the third center includes three glandular organs–adrenals, liver, and pancreas–as well all of the other organs and tissues in the area. It is the center of empowerment–self esteem and self confidence. In first locating this center, I found it painful, like an ache, and empty, like a dark cavern. As I continued to place attention, a subtle, shimmering light filled the cavern with a glow reminiscent of fire–a mystical fire, if you will. Warmth filled the ache and transformed the feeling into one of communion. With practice, this center’s holographic representation took on a dancing fractal pattern of glowing orbs within the light. For me, this center evolved into a comforting feeling rather than an ache.

The first three centers are the departments most engaged with the physical operations of the body and have the slowest rate of frequency ascending from first to third. These centers are the most impacted by trauma, angry/fearful emotions, and painful memories held in the tissues of the body.

Fourth Center–Ah, the heart. Here, behind the sternum, is the emotional body center, number four. This energetic department includes the heart, lungs, and glandular organ, the thymus as well the tissues and functions of the tissues. The fourth center has a powerful electromagnetic field that emits elevated emotions like love and generosity and kindness. These kinds of feelings feed the electromagnetic power of the fourth center. Without these feelings, the heart energy dims and transmits a smaller and smaller transmission. For me, the fourth center was easy to access, and my attention on it sent a pulsing wave of energy through my awareness. It evolved from a deep green and gold mandala to a gentle forest meadow filled with magical beings and my own inner child, playing together.

Fifth Center–The fifth center resides in the throat and transmits to the thyroid and tissues around it. It is the first of the three mental centers. metaphorically aligning with the word and how we speak it. Balance, authentic expression, and the discernment of Truth function through this department’s influence. There was a fullness at first for me… like too much energy or congested energy, perhaps. As I breathed into it, it spread out through my awareness like gently waving patterns wrapped in a comforting, cozy feeling. The color for me–aquamarine waves held in a gentle white light.

Sixth center–Deep in the center of the brain, the sixth center is located at the pineal gland, transmitting to the mid brain and all around it. The sixth center–also a department of the mental body–is where intuition resides. Through the activation of the sixth center, our awareness expands to include more subtle and faster frequencies of light and information. And, with practice, the sixth center activation enhances the ability to translate these frequencies into visions and connections into multi-dimensionality. Honestly, the sixth center is where I’ve lived since the high speed, head on car accident in 1983 so I easily travel the pathways of its grid and would offer as a breadcrumb (if this center is a challenge for you) to do the breathwork exercise in the Dispenza system to light it up. I promise the light show is worth the effort ; >)

Seventh center–The seventh center abides with the pituitary gland and its transmission influences this gland as well as the neocortex and frontal lobe of the brain tissues. This is the final mental body center, and its mission is the overall harmony and clarity of the thinking mind. Damage to the tissues from the traumatic brain injury caused by the car accident made this center a challenge for me to find at first–all I could get was a mushy sense of it. Again, though, with practice it came into focus with a gentle pulsation, similar to the fourth center for me–but quieter. With my ability to experience the center came an over-riding sense of Grace and understanding that everything fits together in a harmony I only need to feel to understand.

Eighth center–Most descriptions of the eighth center place it 8 inches to a foot above the head. It isn’t a personality center but, rather, a faster frequency that expresses the love of our Soul for us. In this position, it is a bit of a ‘jump’ into the faster frequency to find. In my experience, it can be done this way, but I find it also behind/underneath/near in a faster frequency than each of the other centers, especially the fourth heart center. As I slip “sideways” into it or “jump” to it, I find myself in a light that transmits through all of the centers and expands into a large field around my body. For me, it feels like a step closer to I Am and the frequencies of my mission and purpose transmitted by I Am.

In the Dispenza system, it is through bringing each of the centers into coherence within themselves and harmony with each other that who we are as a personality shifts, and we align into the becoming that which we are AND desire. The first step–experience the centers. Find them, engage them, invite a re-ordering into greater coherence and harmony, and let the I Am that is you restore their understanding of mission and purpose. Following is a short meditation that gives a sense of how to begin. In the next article, I’ll take on “coherence.” Stay tuned…..

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  1. Thank you for sharing and enriching my understanding… It will support my daily practice. I am very grateful too for how you shared your life-death journey. Breathing with you by Intention/Spirit… (I do not look at emails regularly, my 80 years is my excuse, and have not been able to follow thru with reducing that number)

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