John of God – We are here!

John of God, crystal bed, healing, diabetes, meditationWe arrived after a red-eye flight, excited and sleepy.  About a half hour from Abadiania, we could ‘feel’ the energies.  How to describe what it felt like…  subtle, yet clear that something changed; like an almost silent hum in the air.

The town is more like a village.  There are cars, of course, but there are also horses drawing carts down the streets.  Or should I say: one street.  One main street.  If the buildings were less colorful, I might think we were in the Wild West – that’s what the infra-structure reflects.

After stowing luggage in our Pousada, we ventured to the Casa bookstore where we ooh’d and aah’d over crystals (LOTS of them!) and signed up for the Crystal Beds…  Crystal Beds have pure quartz crystals pulsing an electomagnetic current through a colored lense towards the energy centers of the body…  Did you get that? ; >)

Crystal Bed, John of god, healing, diabetes, vibration, alignmentNever having experienced anything like this, I had no expectation.  And I was delightfully surprised by the power of the experience.  I felt a pulsing through my body and a deepening relaxation.  After about halfway into the 20 minute session I started ‘seeing’ colorful visions.  The one I recall best was a verdant green snake winding its way up and down a huge, lush tree.  Afterwards, I felt blissfully peaceful.  As you might imagine, I signed up for more!

The food in the Pousada is fresh and fresh and fresh!  Simple fare that feels really good in the tummy!  Our arrival day was a gracious a travel day as I’ve known in all of the travel days I take, and I give full credit to the Crystal Beds.

Soon I will tell you of our meeting with our Guide and how he helped us prepare..  stay tuned!

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