Prosperity and the Art of Prospering – How Life Works

prosperity, abundance, prosper, wealth, spiritual awakeningEveryone wants more of something; it’s the human condition.  When I was a child, I wanted more years under my belt.  Now that I have those years, I’d like more stamina and vitality like I had as a child.  It seems to be an inherent aspect of our nature to stand in the fulfillment of one desire and think about what more is desired.  And, for many, prosperity is high on the list of desires.

For anyone who travels beyond their neighborhood, it’s apparent that prosperity is a subjective experience.  I, for example, expect indoor plumbing.  Indeed, I expect two or more rooms in any place I call home to be dedicated to personal matters of hygiene.  However, when I lived on Lopez Island in the 80’s, indoor plumbing was a luxury.  Most of my friends had rigged showers and used outhouses.  And, because they owned the land that gave them such amenities, they felt quite prosperous.  In those days, I could – and did – claim entire forests for my ‘personal’ use and relished the freedom of it.  Values, really, are the determining factor of what defines prosperity. Continue reading “Prosperity and the Art of Prospering – How Life Works”