The World Needs Dreamers That Do – Law of Attraction in Action

…or something like that.

Did you ever watch Fraggle Rock? …a half hour puppet show in the 70’s that had several brands of Beings. Amongst them, were Doosiers who lived to build and tear down and move the pieces to build again somewhere new and Fraggles who lived to dream and play all day (and eat the structures Doosiers build).
law of attraction, wisdom, Inner Guidance, ho'oponoponoBoth of them were quite happy being who they were, and neither could imagine for a moment having fun as the other. Fraggles felt constricted and constrained by the Doosier consistency and focus. Doosiers were dismayed and anxious to think of a whole day going by with no progress or production.

I watched and laughed and wondered: Which am I? And what if I am a little of both?

That made me think.

What if when I feel constrained or constricted (and sometimes I do:P) I’ve leaned too far into Doosier World for my nature? If I feel anxious (and it does happen on occasion; >), would it serve me to get something done? Can I keep myself on the Happy side of my street by listening within to my Inner Doogle (aka Fraggle/Doosier) and maintain my perfect balance?

These are interesting question, aren’t they?

I like the idea of being a Dreamer who Does. It makes me happy to describe myself as a person of vision who brings these visions to fruition. I know there are some who say if I stay present in the vision with all of my senses, it will come to pass regardless of any action on my part. And I do have a pocketful of experiences where my wishes seemed to come ~*~magically~*~ true… so I’ll allow for this Truth, too.

However… I like action. Sometimes for no other reason than that it brings relief from the occasional anxiety:P Mostly, though, I like to feel the satisfaction of putting my hands in the clay to mold law of attraction, wisdom, inner guidancethe vision. I like threading the needle to weave the colored threads into a new piece of art. I like watching it take form and making refinements that enhance and beautify the world in which I live. I thrive in bringing projects to successful form.

If the wings of butterfly in the Amazon can affect the winds that blow through the trees in my yard, then perhaps the simple act of Doosier moving a mound from here to there can inspire a Dreamer’s vision to new vistas. When I am dreaming and playing and laughing, I like to believe I am inspiring a Doosier somewhere to know just the perfect action to take, and when I am “getting things done” I welcome the inspiration that comes from those gigglers down the road.

And, in all of it, it’s just Being and Doing what feels good. I love it. I love you.
Thank you

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3 Replies to “The World Needs Dreamers That Do – Law of Attraction in Action”

  1. I like this! I was thinking in the beginning part of your story that action gives us a sense of control, and drive away fear – and then you launch into how you think perhaps that action allays anxiety! I believe you are right. When things seem out of control, you can either say yippee! and blow with the wind, or you can say, whoa, I would like to take the helm here and steer this ship! I never watched Fraggle Rock, and now wish I had, but think perhaps I am more of a Fraggle than a Dozer. But you can see how each adds to our wonderful world. Dozers say, let’s put this together, and Fraggles say, yo, but what about this? Let’s take this apart, and see what else you can construct! I want to see it! I want to make room for your creation, so I will eat up the last one you made! You can do it! I love to see what you put together from the space that I free up for you! I really wish I knew more about them, so that I could explore this further 🙂 But you describe it so beautifully in your last paragraph, that I feel that I know what this is all about:) From what I see, I would agree, you are often, Dozer, often Fraggle – a great mix – and I love it!

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