Tis the Season

A time when almost every culture on Earth celebrates a story of miracles.  A time when joyful amazement sets the tone for celebration and rejoicing.

Law of attraction, Winter Solstice, holidaysFor me, the miracle story closest to my heart wraps around the turning seasons.  Tis the Season of Solstice when the darkest night reflects the faith of a people dependent upon the warmth of the sun for sustenance and survival.  It is a time to come together and celebrate faith – faith in the turning cycles that will bring warmth and sunlight again – before there is any evidence of Light’s return.  In the darkness, people gather to share what is left of the last harvest’s bounty in belief of the bounty to come; to rejoice in the appreciation of faith.

The Solstice is a celebration of hope.  I love celebrating hope and faith.  In my heart, I aspire to embody this celebration with every sunrise.  To rejoice in the Life that emerges endlessly.  To embrace in joyful amazement each and every time the glorious orb of Light brushes the sky in pastel colors as the fulfillment of my faith in Wellbeing.  I love The Season and how it reminds me to live in hope and faith and trust that all is truly well.

John of God, law of attraction, vortex of attraction, healing, DiabetesNo matter how dark the darkness gets, a bird still sings for the dawn.  This is one of the many miracles that blesses me.

Thank you.  I love you

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