Evolution; Change is the Constant of an Awakening Mind

Have you noticed?

awakening, law of attraction, vortex, awakening mind, becomingSomething is always changing..  the sun across the sky, trends in fashion, what we eat for lunch, the newest type of smart-phone.  An endless array of shifting sands in the details of  day-to-day living.

Bodies change.  I watch as experience and gravity mold and remold my countenance and shape.  I call this the evolution of aging; some of the changes I welcome – like wisdom and a generally more accepting and relaxed perspective.  Some I find disorienting – Where did my capacity to jump and run and hike for miles and miles go?  Why didn’t I know then this is how it would be now?  Some changes take me by surprise.

It’s no wonder with so many opportunities to change our perspective in regard to the world around us, that we miss the the call of a more subtle evolution – the evolution of our Awakening Mind.

The paradox of evolving consciousness.  The summoning of the mind to deeper awareness and expanded understandings is an intimate relationship between an individual and her Soul.  No one can chart the course for another.  The markers are unique and the sense of rightness resonates within each individual.  As consciousness expands, our ability to define it becomes less concrete and more subtle.

Like the caterpillar who weaves his coccoon, trusting the instinctual impulse without knowing what the end result will be, so do we initiate our personal evolutions by following inner urgings without knowing where they will lead. 

How does one recognize an impulse driven by the Awakening Mind?  Again, it’s a personal experience.  For me, the impulse is an urge that takes me out of my comfort zone, and it continues to call me even as I resist making a change to my established routines.  Invariably, it’s an impulse that both shines a light into an area of dissonance in a personal pattern while simultaneously beaming a beacon towards the fulfillment of a desire.  In other words, evolution of the Awakening Mind is often stimulated through constricting patterns, evoking the urge to expand.

Evolution requires change.  Change requires letting go.  Letting go of the need to know what will happen next.  Letting go of attachments to control.  Letting go of the stories that defined my Life as a caterpillar.  The less I resist the ‘letting go’ stage, the easier I find it to get into the flow of becoming whatever is next in my evolution.

I will continue to change my mind about what food to eat and what clothes to wear and which cream is the best for my skin.  I will continue to hold opinions about money and John of God, law of attraction, vortex of attraction, healing, Diabetes, awakeninghealth and politics.  I will continue to base my values on my experience..  Until the contractions of an Awakening Mind call me.  Then I let go to be birthed and re-birthed again into new worlds of awareness and understanding.

And so, I cherish this moment with you; we may never come to each other this way again.  Who we will be the next time we meet, I eagerly anticipate.

Thank you.  I love you.

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3 Replies to “Evolution; Change is the Constant of an Awakening Mind”

  1. Hi – read this last night, and thought about it off and on today. Now I know what it elicited. I experience the same, but as you put it, it is subtle, but for me not so much an evolution as a relaxing back into who/what I have always been. Along my life’s journey I have gathered layers, none of which ever felt like my own skin, and I soon would shed them. I feel as if I was looking for the core that I came to this world with, and if I just breathe, and believe in wellbeing, I find that essence that does know that everything is as it should be – and so am I. Who will I be the next time we meet? As much of the real true me as I can reveal 🙂
    Love you!

  2. Whoa, I love the way you get me to pondering! And that you are so accepting of whatever I bring to your mix. You are the Best Mirror for me! Thank you!

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