A Fluid Mind and an Open Heart – Awakening

awakening, expanding consciousness, mind, heartI wrote recently that remembering and awakening are the same.  By this, I meant that the process of expanding consciousness, awakening, is as much — if not more — remembering who we are than becoming more than we were.

For me, this begs the question: what and when did I forget?  In other words, are there clues as to what is relevant to remember?  I asked this question in meditation, and the answer I got was: yes, remember a fluid mind and an open heart.

A fluid mind.  I pondered the qualities of mind that moves like water, and I came up with this list:

  • A fluid mind finds a pathway around obstacles that is nonresistant, always looking for the opening to flow.
  • A fluid mind makes room for more, spreading or rising to accommodate inclusion.
  • A fluid mind influences gently through motion and repetition; a fluid mind carries and supports movement.

Children, it seems to me, are more kindred to these qualities.  They have yet to determine the values and opinions that create immovable beliefs.  They are curious and eager to experience and integrate new experiences into their worldviews.  It’s as though the passage from childhood to adulthood can be defined by how structured our minds become by the beliefs we developed through childhood exploration–how “set in our thinking” we are.  In other words, to become an adult is synonymous with transition from a fluid mind to a definitive mind.

I have come to realize this construct of a “definitive” mind is a flawed premise.  It is impossible because everything–I mean EVERYTHING–is in motion.  From the atoms that create all physical forms to intangibles like feelings and thoughts, everything is always in some form of transition and evolution.  The natural inclination of vibration, the fundamental source code of Life, is to calibrate and recalibrate in resonance to to an ever-shifting state of being. Change is the only constant.

That means, inherently, that when we attempt to create a structure of belief that we can call truth or reality and expect to forever more live in stability within it, we set up a continual struggle against the pervasive motion of the Universe.  The effort and energy that it takes to remain motionless in a sea of motion causes the slowing, or stagnation, of our impulse to awaken and expand.

Diabetes, Diabetes expert, diabetes lifestyle, law of attraction, awakening, consciousnessSo, then…how to free the mind to fluidity?  Just standing in the question, I believe, invites the answer.  First, expect more awareness of ways in which the mind is inflexible.  Expect to discover resistance to new ideas and the defensive stance and justifications that protect inflexible opinions and perceptions.  Expect it and observe it.  Note the balance of energy that goes into resisting/defending and listening/considering the possibilities in new ideas, new circumstances, new possibilities.  Then, take a deep breath and relax.  It’s all good to a fluid mind.  And when the next opportunity comes around, see if it’s possible to let a little more of a new experience/idea engage the mind.  A fluid mind finds itself through the gentle influence of repetition.

And the good news is: a fluid mind let’s go of the past to move unhindered in the present.  A fluid mind let’s go of old grudges and hurts to be free in the present moment experience.  A fluid mind creates an open heart.

An open heart welcomes Life, and the flow of Life through an open heart is the expanding awareness of awakening.  Remember?

I love you.  Thank you.


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10 Replies to “A Fluid Mind and an Open Heart – Awakening”

  1. This is an amazing article, with excellent ideas and thoughts. Being fluid in mind and spirit is something that seems to be lacking for me sometimes. I plan to come back and read this article again and again, because it provides me with tools to be more fluid. Thank you, and I love you, too.

  2. I appreciate your comment that we are in a universe of motion, and resistance to that motion takes energy. Let’s let go, become fluid, find new things to do with the energy that becomes available!

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