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Bernie Sanders
Bernie Sanders draws YOOJ crowds!

It’s a bold supposition, right?  To postulate there is an axis where faith finds form in politics.  I’m willing to go so far, though, and I’ll tell you why.  There is a movement afoot that defies all established politics, all established political parties AND the mainstream media.  Yet, even in the face of such seemingly overwhelming lack of support, the movement not only continues–it grows. Through faith. Where is that, you wonder. Quite simply: in the Bernie Sanders for President movement.

Faith in a just democracy propels the movement, and faith in the relentless service of a man who gives his heart and life to making the world a place where all life has respect and dignity grounds it in real purpose.

Bernie Sanders
I’m not the only one who perceives mainstream media as deaf to the Bernie Sanders movement.



I find my own faith renewed in the clarity of his good judgment shown over decades of service.  And so, as I watch the mainstream media play to sensationalism and an unacknowledged bias toward his opponent (via campaign contributions to her campaign,) I take pen to hand aka fingers to keyboard and invite Rachel Maddow, one of hosts on MSNBC, to answer a few questions for me:

Happy day, Rachel,
I watched your editorial piece at the top of last night’s show where you posited that Hillary Clinton has an insurmountable pledged delegate lead, and I have a few thoughts to share with you.

First, acknowledging the now common knowledge that your news station is owned by a large donor to the Hillary campaign, don’t you think it is incumbent upon you, as a journalist of integrity, to begin your piece with the disclaimer that you work for a station that contributes to the Clinton campaign?

Secondly, with double digit primaries to go–and many of them strongly in support of the Sanders campaign–isn’t it a bit too early to be using the 11% lead as if it is a final result. Might it not be of more integrity to point out it is quite likely that the lead will be diminished, if not erased, by the time all of the primaries are complete in mid-June?

And, let’s discuss the fact that the New York primary hasn’t been certified–indeed, it is in the middle of a lawsuit regarding hundreds of thousands of purged democratic voters–not to mention the egregious 11% difference between exit polls and the electronic voter count there. Now, that’s an 11% that bears noting, don’t you think?  Is there a reason why you haven’t reported on the election fraud in New York…or Illinois, Arizona, Pennsylania, or Massachusetts?

But, wait…that’s not all. Those of us who have done our research and know how close to indictment Sec. Clinton is, for both the use of her private email server AND the documented shady arms deals she gave during her tenure to countries who donated to the Clinton Foundation, very much want a contested convention because we don’t want to run a candidate who is corrupt. Is there any reason why your news station–or you–aren’t following this process…other than that your station is biased by its allegiance to Sec Clinton? By the way, the movie, “Clinton Cash” will be released next month at the Cannes Festival. After the general populace gets a whiff of how corrupt her dealings were, don’t you think it will be a good thing that we can choose a candidate whose honesty and integrity are as consistent as his New York accent?

And, finally–what about the latest campaign finance scandal? I saw the short bit you did when the Sanders campaign’s attorney sent a letter to the DNC alleging misrepresentation and misuse of Victory Fund monies…how you and Andrea Mitchell “poo-pooed” it as “a bit of nothing” to stir things up by the Sanders campaign. But Politico investigated further and discovered that over 99% of the 60+ million dollars brought into the Victory Fund went to the Clinton Campaign instead of the $2700 per donation she was supposed to get. (see: Clinton Fundraising Leaves Little For State Parties) The Sanders campaign was right, but I haven’t see you cover this news. Are you not the slightest bit chagrined now that you put Bernie Sanders in the hot seat about supporting the Democratic down-ticket like “Clinton does” when it turns out she was lying and cheating her down-ticket all along?

I believe these are fair questions, and I would love to hear you answer them. Consider this an interview.

Bernie Sanders
On Good Friday, a finch flies onto Bernie Sanders’ podium, and they enjoy a moment of joyful communion.

I am writing in faith.  Perhaps, she will answer.  Perhaps not.  Regardless, faith lights the Bernie Sanders campaign in a way that makes birdies join him at his podium and millions of people believe.  I write to cast light into the world of politics…where an opportunity is before us to elevate ourselves in the “real” world with integrity and compassion.  Rachel Maddow, I invite you to #feelthebern

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