We Are The Transformation–Where Politics Meets Spirituality

Bernie Sanders
Bernie Sanders draws YOOJ crowds!

It’s a bold supposition, right?  To postulate there is an axis where faith finds form in politics.  I’m willing to go so far, though, and I’ll tell you why.  There is a movement afoot that defies all established politics, all established political parties AND the mainstream media.  Yet, even in the face of such seemingly overwhelming lack of support, the movement not only continues–it grows. Through faith. Where is that, you wonder. Quite simply: in the Bernie Sanders for President movement.

Faith in a just democracy propels the movement, and faith in the relentless service of a man who gives his heart and life to making the world a place where all life has respect and dignity grounds it in real purpose. Continue reading “We Are The Transformation–Where Politics Meets Spirituality”