Dimensional Metaphors in Energy Healing


A deep, still pond.

One knows there are currents and engagements below the still surface, creating dynamic patterns of flow.


The surface is quiet.


Dropping a pebble into the pond.

Ripples engage the surface, spreading…

And One knows the pebble continues to ripple and interact as it falls into the depths.

The ripples evoke interactions and currents that cause change in the patterns of flow underneath as well as on the surface of the pond.

Inevitably, if nothing new is dropped into the pond, the surface will become still again….

Yet, the dynamic patterns of flow below the surface are forever changed by the ripples that were.


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Energy Healing from the Joe Dispenza System to TimeWaver and Healy

What is Energy Healing?

How does Energy Healing work?

Who are we when our energy is coherent and clean?

How can we get us some of that?

Energy healing predates the science of allopathic medicine by centuries. Ayurveda, acupuncture, five elements, shamanism, reiki… just to name a few. Allopathic remedies are often faster and more convenient when they work. When they don’t…. well, let’s consider the benefit of energy healing, shall we? In this article, we’ll explore both human to human energy healing via the Dr. Joe Dispenza coherence healing activity and energy healing through technology via TimeWaver systems and the Healy app.

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