Another Day, Another Spiritual Intervention–John of God

John of God, spiritual awakeningWhat day is it?¬† I think I may have lost track ūüėõ¬† Wednesday morning, I went in for another spiritual intervention and spent the next twenty four hours in a “floaty” trance-like state.¬† In between spaces where there was no thought, I had a couple of very interesting experiences.

First, I¬†met my “little Bee” as she calls herself…she is part of me. She is teensy and precocious and very faery-like. Undertones in interactions “hurt” her, and she often doesn’t feel safe in this world. She took me¬†through a series of interactions and showed me what it would have looked like if I had taken care of her and “spoken up” to clear the field of energetic undertones during different events in my life. With each acknowledgement on my part, I felt a wave of light, pulsing energy stream through my body…

2014 has been a year of many endings for relationships in my life–some that were easy to acknowledge as no longer aligned with how I Am and am becoming and some that broke my heart even as I knew I had to let go.¬† Later¬†in the spiritual intervention process,¬†this series of relationships cruised through my awareness–one right after the next.¬†With each person, I cleared the field¬†using ho’oponopono¬†(see: Ho’oponopono Made Simple)¬†and found the point of gratitude for that person. At the end of the “parade of people departed,” I heard a voice in mind say, “Be the narrator.”

So, I said out loud: She thanked them all for their part in her journey, closed the door, and turned toward a world where little Bee feels safe to come forth with her wisdom and magic. Suddenly, she became a tuning fork for peace and joy and love.

And then I fell into deeper trance/sleep until morning.¬† Second spiritual intervention–done.

Today, we joined the Current room for the afternoon session with John of God…another lonnggggg meditation.¬† I have a feeling they are all long these days.¬† The temperatures are in the high 90’s in Abadiania, and I think the Current rooms might be the coolest place in town.¬† So, long meditation–fine with me ūüėȬ† It’s easy to relax into the higher realms in the Current rooms.¬† The group focus really supports a deep meditative space.

For me, the most memorable part of meditation was when I had a vision of–first–dirty brown water washing out of my spine…and, then, brilliant white light beaming through the spinal canal and out from all of the nerve openings.¬† SO cool!¬† At a certain point, my spine began to undulate, from the base all the way up through my neck… my head was like a bob on the end of an undulating rope…if you can imagine that.¬† We shall see what comes of it, right?

Tomorrow, I will stand before John of God and the entity to see what is determined for my next step.¬† Could be: another day, another spiritual intervention… stay tuned.

Blessings on you my friends.  May you know relaxed harmony and Grace in all you endeavor.








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