Summer Solstice–Rhythms of Awakening

leadership, creative process, awakeningI write about love.  I write about creativity.  I write about awakening to All I Am, All We Are.  I write about the power of nature.

The power of nature.  Nature teaches me.  Nature inspires me.  Nature supports my life. Nature, indeed, is the Source code for everything about which I write.  When I write about love, it’s because I learned what love is in the abiding love of nature for life.  When I write about creativity, I am translating the experience of inspiration nature bestows upon me in Her infinite creations.  It is nature that taught me the process of awakening through gentle nudges and consistent reminders through the seasons.

The rhythms of nature teach me the spiritual practices of Life.  With each cycle, I find deeper faith in the patterns.  With each cycle, I learn new understanding of the power in appreciation for the rhythms of life.  With each cycle, I join more fully into the rhythm of life and awaken into the connections of love that flow like life through me.  First I awakened into All I Am, and I am awakening into All We Are…thanks to the rhythms of nature.

There are many who go to church to worship.  I go to nature…where I find God/Goddess/All That Is vibrantly Present and interactive.  In nature, I am touched by the Divine with every breeze, drop of rain, fragrant scent, earth under my bare feet, and warm sun on my skin.  My every breath feels like a prayer when I am in nature.  The trees breathe in my prayers, and I breathe their love into me.  I am direct communion in nature.

awakening, meditation, lightThis is my truth.  I wear it with honor, and I share it in love.

Today is Summer Solstice.  Every year, it comes.  Like the sun rising, I honor the day–the year–of life’s beneficence and life’s generosity.  We are blessed in the abundance bestowed upon us by nature and the sun in its beaming rays–vitality all around us in the blossoming flowers, the ripening vegetables and fruits.  The grasses feed many, many four-leggeds and two-leggeds and winged ones and crawlers.  The seas grow an abundance of algae and the swimmers thrive.  Life abounds, and–in life–are we wrapped in love by the Divine.

Blessings on your day, my friends.

Thank you.  I love you.

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