Reflections–John of God

John of God, spiritual healing, spiritual intervention, Abadiania
Crystals mined from the lode underneath Casa de Dom Inacio and blessed by the entities

It’s that time… the last day of our spiritual adventure with John of God and Casa de Dom Inacio.  Here we sit, in Frutti’s, sipping our cool drinks on a “96 degrees in the shade” day and letting the culmination of the journey integrate.

Yesterday morning, I went to the Casa de Dom Inacio prepared to stand in the line that would allow me the opportunity to thank John of God and the entity as well as hear from the entity what my next steps would be.  I thought I knew all of the possibilities that could happen…but I was surprised.  Medium Joao, incorporating Dr. Augusto, came into the front meeting room (where we wait for our line to be called) to do several physical interventions.  After he finished, he talked to several people (in Portuguese so I don’t have a clue what was said…just that one of the people he engaged was in tears by the time they were done)  Then he looked at me and spoke to the volunteer next to me.  The volunteer came directly to me and guided me into the group waiting for a spiritual intervention. Continue reading “Reflections–John of God”