Meditate Yourself Awake

law of attraction, power, happy, meditateI started reading self-hypnosis books when I was nine years old. I didn’t associate the practice of putting myself into a relaxed state – and making suggestions to myself in that state – as anything akin to the concept of meditation. Indeed, I don’t think I’d ever heard the term at that point in my life. All I knew then was that mind power, and how to influence it, fascinated me at an early age. It still does.

The first time I heard meditation described to me was during the TM movement, and the stories were amazing – levitation, group telepathy, inner peace. All experiences I wanted… But. The idea of sitting until I found an ‘inner stillness’ boggled my mind even more than the idea of levitating. The practice, itself, seemed too dauntingĀ for me. I could spend an hour writing affirmations – focusing and visualizing on their outcomes – much easier than I could disengage my active mind from thinking. And, as I understood it then, stopping thought was the key to unlocking these states of advanced mind capacity.

I understand differently now. Continue reading “Meditate Yourself Awake”