A Sacred Waterfall Day in Abadiania–John of God

John of GodSundays are quiet in Abadiania.  Many leave after the last session on Friday or Saturday to catch their flight back to where ever in the world they reside.  Locals, brought in large tour buses during the week, are long gone as well after the Friday afternoon session ends.  Abadiania, in other words, is a sleepy village on Sunday…and Sunday is a great day to go to the Sacred Waterfall 😉

Located “down the dirt road” from the Casa de Dom Inacio, the Sacred Waterfall is known for spontaneous healings that occur under its very, very cold current–a place where entities like to “chill” and offer assistance to those of us that get permission from John of God to make the trek. Continue reading “A Sacred Waterfall Day in Abadiania–John of God”