Cannabinoid-acid? What’s It Got To Do With Medical Cannabis?

medical cannabis, cananbinoid acid, cannabinoid-acidWho thinks–or thought until I asked the question–that cannabis grows THC and CBD?  Join the club…a lot of us familiar with the substance but unfamiliar with the science think, or thought, that.  It’s the logical assumption to make.  But it’s not accurate, and it matters when the topic is medical cannabis.  Cannabinoid-acids.  That’s the topic for scientific accuracy today.

It matters because medical cannabis is about the science–the ratios, if you will–of all the components in the plant and how to mix them for the most efficacious results.  So, let’s talk a little science, shall we?  The cannabis plant grows cannabinoid acids.  Cannabinoid acids are biochemically different than cannabinoids because of the acid attached to each molecule.  This acid stops the cannabinoid from fitting into the endocannabinoid system receptor sites.  This doesn’t mean that cannabinoid acids are lacking in therapeutic value.  Quite the opposite.  THC-A is proven to be twice as effective as an anti-inflammatory as corticosteroids are, and CBD-A, combined with CBD, is more effective for more types of epilepsy than CBD by itself.  These are just two well established actions; the research into cannabinoid acids continues to show promising results in additional areas like the treatment of psoriasis and other skin conditions and more. Continue reading “Cannabinoid-acid? What’s It Got To Do With Medical Cannabis?”