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  1. Quick question…

    Can Ho’oponopono be used to create some kind of libido in my wife..I love her dearly and have been married 12 years, but she has no desire when it come to the bedroom. While I know there might be a lot of guys who would say this..there are still a lot of guys I know who wish just the opposite. 🙂
    Seriously though, I’ve sent flowers, wrote poems, put little notes where she will find them throughout the day, and while she is moved, it still does nothing for her desire (libido). I just want a normal sex life. As it is, we haven’t “been” together for almost a year.

    Thanks, Steve

    1. Hi Steve,
      Ho’oponopono works most dramatically for the person using it. So, for example, if you wanted to apply the technique to this topic you would do the practice for all judgements or harsh feelings you have extended to your wife and any other persons in your life history related to sexuality. As well, you would free yourself from the etheric attachments others have extended toward you.

      How long this practice would take depends upon the the depth and breadth of residue related to this topic in your subtle energy body. Once it is cleared, though, you will know… because either the experience, itself, will change or your perspective will shift to ask a new question. See how that is?

      If your wife desires to shift her libido, she can apply the technique as well… but that’s another story and depends on what her aims and intentions are.

      Make sense?
      Best to you,
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