Could Ho oponopono and Law of Attraction Be This Simple?

law of attraction, field of awareness, ho oponoponoEver since my first visit to John of God in February, 2011, I’ve made ho oponopono a practice to clear the energy of attachments holding me stuck in counter-productive patterns.  At first, I found myself going Within multiples times during every day to release feelings and judgements and projections as well as dissolve projections and judgments held against me in currents of light and love.  My strong desire to be a vessel open to the flow of love through me inspired me to practice and keep practicing until – whatever situation or relationship had me in loop of hard thoughts and feelings – disappeared, leaving only a current of love and appreciation.

As you might imagine, I practiced a lot!  And I saw results. Continue reading “Could Ho oponopono and Law of Attraction Be This Simple?”

Fresh Starts – Ho’oponopono Resets Your Vibration

ho'oponopono, law of attraction, awakening, vibrationThe grass is growing again.  Flowers blossom at every turn; their fragrance a reminder that we are in the Season of fresh starts and new beginnings.

Nature provides the gift of Winter where the chill slows the patterns of growth to their dormancy, and sleep allows a stasis that suspends and clears the previous Season’s effort away.  Nature evokes the ‘death’ that fosters new life.  New beginnings and fresh starts.

In our evolution as human beings, we are given the gift of a new beginning with each birth.  Then, as we develop through the stages of Life, it becomes one of the opportunities/challenges of our evolution to learn how to integrate experience in such a way that we can stay fresh in our aliveness. Continue reading “Fresh Starts – Ho’oponopono Resets Your Vibration”

I See You – the Clear Field of Ho’oponopono

This note is for you, my friend (and you know who you are).

All I Am, awakening, law of attraction, ho'oponoponoI see you.  Not your education nor the Life experiences that shape your perspective.  I see you.

Peel away the layers of opinion.  Wipe away the distortions of the personality that settle like grime on glass.  Take away the defensive stances and declarations for limitation.  Release the impulse to hide behind any of it.

Because I see you.

Clear and fresh, flowing like a mountain spring.  Your clarity refreshes me and nourishes my sensibilities. Continue reading “I See You – the Clear Field of Ho’oponopono”

Ho’oponopono Made Simple – Law of Attraction In Action

ho'oponopono, law of attraction, vibrational fieldThere are many versions of the ancient Polynesian practice, Ho’oponopono.  This one is not those. 

This version is what happens when a Jungian therapist/Meditation teacher who studies law of attraction decides she wants to fit the practice of Ho’oponopono into her daily ‘western civilization’ Life.  There is also a broad worldview associated to the practice.  You can search Google to read about it (or wait until I feel inspired to reflect upon it; >)  That’s my disclaimer, and the rest is my $.02 to spend as you will. Continue reading “Ho’oponopono Made Simple – Law of Attraction In Action”

I Walk the Line – of Ho’oponopono

Everything I see is a reflection of me.
Everything I notice shows me who I am.
Everything in me projects out and reflects back in the world around me.

This I read and hear in spirtual, philosophical, and pyschological ideolgies. This I believe and accept in the abstract.

Personality game, Personal growth, communication, ho'oponopono, law of attractionWhen I attempt to make it more concrete.. When I say that person who I find irritating or frustrating is not the source of my feelings, they are just the screen where I project my feelings. When I say if the economic downturn has impact on me in my Life, then I am seeing the ways I disempower myself and others to thrive. When I say this joy I feel when I play with my filly or snuggle with my Honey is me opening me to the vast wellspring of WellBeing that abides within. …then I am awed beyond comprehension by how connected everything is and made humble as well.

Because if everything I see and feel and experience is in me and part of me, then my choices – all of them – are important. Continue reading “I Walk the Line – of Ho’oponopono”

In the Midst of a Ripple – Ho’oponopono and The Wings of a Butterfly

ho'oponopono, law of attraction, vortex of attraction, vibrational alignmentThere is an Hawai’ian practice called Ho’oponopono. Its premise is absolute 100% personal responsibility. If I observe it, I am responsible for it. If I experience it, I am responsible for it. If you are upset with me, I am responsible for it. If I feel love for you, I am responsible for it. If I am upset by something someone does – whether to me or another – I am responsible for it. Absolute responsibility. In the purest form of Ho’oponopono, the only relationship that is real is the relationship with Self, and the only solution is to dissolve the resistant thoughts and feelings that inhibit love.

As well, there is a current idea based on mathematical probabilities that the slightest action by anyone impacts everything. A butterfly fluttering in one area of the world creates winds in another. An act of violence in Africa impacts the quality of relationships in China. A gesture of kindness ripples through the stratus and touches many more souls than the person being helped. And every action everywhere is influencing something somewhere. Continue reading “In the Midst of a Ripple – Ho’oponopono and The Wings of a Butterfly”