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Feel refreshed, renewed, and more fully integrated!  Through the use of these guided meditations, users realize a state of harmony and well-being that enhances daily life on all levels.  This collection of three guided meditations provides the techniques to access guidance and wisdom, establishing an ability to reside in a state of well-being and harmony at will.  Each meditation builds upon the next.

All of us in today’s world are looking for ways to balance the components of life. Meditations for a New Paradigm offers an easy and safe solution that takes less than 30 minutes a day to realize a refreshed, renewed and balanced state of well-being. You’ll feel more focused and effective during the day, sleep better and get better rest during the night, and your life will generally flow more smoothly with the use these meditation techniques.  With these techniques, develop the ability to access guidance from within the meditative stillness.</>

The meditations are guided, meaning a professional is taking you by the hand and talking you through each step. Easy to follow and effective in facilitating the body/mind connection to relax and achieve expanded states of awareness and insight, each guided meditation restores harmony and alignment between the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies.  These guided meditations help awaken awareness of the light body.

Included in this collection:

Sanctuary of the Divine – The body is the sanctuary for the Divine – a physical space for Spirit to reside.  In this meditation, we journey into the Body Consciousness to explore and engage the spiritual wisdom that resides within the sanctuary of the body.

Mind of Love – Oftentimes, when we refer to the mind, we imagine it located in the brain – the ‘thinking’ or computer area of the person.  And, while it is true that logic – often attributed to the mind – does associate to the functions of a computer, the mind of an integrated personality absorbs the influence of the Soul by perceiving through heart energy.  This is the Mind of Love.  In this meditation, we will learn to translate the mind functions of perception, belief, and comparison through the heart center where the refined frequencies of Greater Understanding and Awareness reside.

Abide in Grace – To perceive every situation through the mind of love and trust in the “will to good”… this is what it means to Abide in Grace. In this meditation, we practice the art of residing in this state of Being.  Allowing the “will to good” to flow to us and through us in all we live.

In addition, the App has several advanced features:

•Use this meditation as a wake-up alarm, to start the day aligned into the wellbeing of an open and relaxed state.
•This guided meditation can also be used when falling asleep; it facilitates lucid dreaming and insights upon awakening.
•The guided meditations for a new paradigm also includes a Notes Journal to write down immediate insights upon completion of the guided meditation or awakening.
•You can put the meditation into repeat or loop mode, so you can listen to it over and over again or reset to specific points In the meditation.

Ahnalira’s 20+ years of experience in the field of human psychology (which includes her educational credentials as a Jungian psychotherapist as well as 15+ years in private practice and 8 years certified as Meditation Teacher by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer in the Awakening the LightBody technique combined with her many years of study into all things spiritual, gives Ahnalira a unique ability to understand the art of guided meditation and its uplifting, transformative effect.

Ahnalira says, “If you – like me – desire expansion and evolution, I welcome you to join me in these meditations. We may find ourselves in group telepathy. We may even find inner peace. We may create more fulfillment and joy. For sure, we will find ourselves continually more awake.”

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